What Is NFC In Android And How To Use NFC Effectively

NFC in the mobile industry is used as a tool for data sharing or file sharing. NFC in android helps to transfer files, But for sharing data both the mobiles should be NFC enabled and this transfer or communication happens through radio frequencies. This NFC came into light when Google released Android 4.0 Icecream sandwich. They also released Android beam functionality at the same time. NFC and android beam make the data or file sharing process very quick among the devices.Different companies mention the sign of NFC in their phone at different places. For instance Samsung Galaxy 3 mentions ‘Near Field Communication’ at the battery pack, Sony Xperia mentions N mark at the back and Galaxy Note 2 shows the sign in the back plate of the phone.  But there is other way that let you know whether a particular phone is NFC enabled or not.


Go to settings > Wireless & Networks > More and then scroll down to see the NFC and Android beam option in your phone.

Data sharing through NFC in Android

For beaming the data first NFC is activated in the android phone. But there are certain points that should be maintained for successful data sharing.

  • Both the devices sender and receiver should have NFC and android beam activated in them.
  • The devices should not be locked or at sleep mode
  • Do not separate the devices until the beaming process has been started.
  • When you hear an audio feedback the beaming process is completed.

Process of beaming content through NFC in Android

Whatever is shared via NFC such as photos, videos, contacts and app the process remains same for all.

  • First activate NFC in both the devices sender and receiver phone. The activation is done by going to settings > Wireless & Network > More and activate NFC, Android beam from there.
  • Open the content to be shared via NFC.
  • Now place both the devices by facing their back towards each other.
  • The devices will detect each other and it will be confirmed by a sound.
  • You will then notice a thumbnail at the sender screen which says touch to send. Touch it and the sending process will be started.
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  • You will hear an audio confirmation upon successful beaming.

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