Virtual Private Networks In Smartphone & Steps To use VPN In Mobile

VPN stands for virtual private network. It is used to send and receive data from other public or shared networks with the help of internet. A VPN is created by establishing point to point connection with the help of dedicated connections, encryptions and protocols. It can be used in android smartphones as well.


Mobile virtual private network provides mobile devices access to resources and applications when they connect through wireless networks. Mobile virtual private networks are used in public safety, hospitals, home care field, service management, industries and utilities. Mostly, white collar people and mobile professionals use mobile virtual private networks.

A mobile virtual private network is comparatively good as it maintains virtual connection all the time.


It can be used easily on mobile phones by following the steps –

  1. The first step is to go to the settings option in the mobile.
  2. In the next step wireless and network settings option is displayed.
  3. After clicking on the second one go to the “vpn settings” option.
  4. Then select the basic “vpn” from the list.
  5. After that select “add vpn” option from the dialogue box.
  6. The next step is to add the following options which are being displayed.
  7. The last step is to fill in all the blank categories one by one.

This is how we can use virtual private network on our smartphones.


  1. Open applications remain active and open without any sort of interruption.
  2. It handles the logins automatically.
  3. Mobile vpn connection remains intact.
  4. Software applications run connected always.
  5. Security of both user and application is authenticated.
  6. Performance over wireless network is comparatively much better.
  7. Enforces two factor as well as multi factor authentication using smart keys, passwords or biometrics.
  8. Status of both devices and users are displayed.
  9. It also enforces access policies based on networks.
  10. It specifies the priority of work i.e. essential and non essential.
  11. It remediates the device automatically when any sort of threat is known.
  12. Evaluates the patch status, antivirus and protection status of the device.
  13. It displays the alerts based on security concerns.
  14. It can easily divert with company groups.
  15. Corporate business group records are maintained easily.
  16. Sub groups can also be defined with separate numbering.
  17. Communication is easily tailored to company organization.
  18. Short dialing option helps in saving time.
  19. By using mobile virtual private network, corporate network becomes a part of mobile operator’s network.
  20. You can easily roam from one wireless to another wireless Wi-Fi hot spot by using VPN.
  21. Mobile VPN user can use more than one ip address at one time.
  22. It plays an important role in reducing the cost of wiring which one commonly needs to pay at the time of getting broadband connections.

VPNs are becoming the first choice of the android users as they allow them to keep their data secure and even access sites that are restricted in their area. We hope Above Android was able to deliver you the true meaning and importance of Mobile Virtual Private Networks

 and simple steps to use VPN in android device. Use below comment box if you have any query, question, tips related to VPN\’s for mobile. Also let us know which VPN services you use and your experience.

Photo Source: Flickr