How to use Join Chat Feature on Instagram

Instagram is back with an amazing new feature for its user. The name of the new feature is Join Chat Sticker. The new sticker lets friends “request” to join a group chat right from your Story. There are several advantages to this new sticker. The Join Chat sticker can be used for various purposes and it can prove beneficial for many users.


If anyone wants to discuss something important on a particular topic then he can add this sticker in his story. The people who are interested in that discussion can request to join. This will make people join the group on their own interest and no extra people will be there in the group who have no involvement in that discussion.

How to get Join Chat Feature on Instagram:

The newly rolled out sticker is available in the Sticker section on Instagram where you find all the other stickers. So first you need to select a photo or video from the gallery or click a new story. Then as you select other stickers and include them in your Instagram Story, you need to do the same thing. From the Sticker section, select the Join Chat Sticker and place it where you want to place in your Instagram Story. Once you choose it, you add a text prompt about what you want to chat about. Friends who view the post and tap “join chat” for the chance to be in the group DM. The person who posted the sticker gets the complete control over whom to include in t he group and he can end the chat whenever he wants.


Here’s a video on How to Get Join Chat Sticker on Instagram:

Hope you would have now understood how the get the Join Chat Sticker and what are its applications. If you have any doubt, you can mention it in the comment section.