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The year 2014 was declared as “Year of the Selfie” undoubtedly it is absolutely true, numerous apps for clicking pictures from front camera called as Selfie were released in 2014 like Retrica, Candy camera Etc. Along with these applications various social messenger applications received updates to make chatting even simpler. Today I’m going to talk about a trick of Snapchat which will make your Snapchat experience even better.

PROBLEM: How to upload gallery Image to Snapstory?

Snapchat is one of the most used social media application, Snapchat is a photo messaging application where users can take photos, record videos, add text and drawings, and send them to a controlled list of recipients. User can also keep a moment as a Snapchat story which allows every contact in the user’s list to view it. But to do a Snap story it is necessary to click a picture at that moment and share, you cannot share an image from your Gallery to a snapstory. Think about a place where there is no network or you have a weak signal, especially in India, we often visit places where there is no network coverage. So how to deal with this situation like this? You can of course send gallery images to a contact in personal chat (thanks to recent update) but sending it on Snapstory is absolutely impossible.


After realizing the problem, I started exploring the Google PlayStore to check if there was an app to solve the above problem, and no wonder there was already and application called Media to Snaps hidden in the millions of applications of PlayStore which had already solved this problem. It is also one of the best snapchat spy app available.This application doesn’t is not fully stable for all devices which is why the application is rated only 2.9. But when I tried Media for snap it worked absolutely fine. You can also get a Windows PC in the Cloud from on of the best Desktop-as-a-Service Provider and use your Windows applications from anywhere with Windows/Mac/iOS/Android devices. Also, Add Office 365 with a free trial by .Though the procedure is bit challenging but once you understand the procedure it is simple. Below I have mentioned the steps you need to know to use Media to snaps.

If you don’t want to read the procedure, scroll directly down to watch the video of the same.

Step-1: Select the Image from your gallery that you want to share at your snapstory.

Step-2: Write any caption if necessary, you can also rotate the image. After your caption and editing is done select done. [You cannot draw anything on the images if you are sharing from this application]

Step-3: Disable Wi-Fi or/and 3G/4G connections before proceeding to next step. [It is better to switch directly to Airplane mode]

Step-4:  Take a random Snapchat and add it to snapstory, as shown in the images below. It will show the image you clicked but don’t worry it gets replaced at the end.

Step-5: Go to Media to snaps again and press the replace button as shown

Step-6: You will get a message that the Snap has been replaced. Then go to the setting again and enable Internet connection which you disabled in step 3 and then resend your Snapchat.


This is the complete procedure on how to share an image from your gallery to Snapchat. It seems difficult for newbies, but it is really worth the efforts. With this application you can easily rest your mind without any worries of

If you are still confused on how to share an image, please check out the video below.

Download Media For Snaps from Play Store

I hope now you are pretty sure about how this application works. You can comment below if you face any problem.