Unusual Multiple Uses Of Smartphone You Never Knew

Technology is taking the world in a state where there is no such thing that can be said as impossible. There are multiple uses of smartphone which you may never knew. Android Smartphone is that creation by the developers which can be used for various purposes and its usage are not limited to only gaming, calls, messaging rather you can use it as security camera, Bluetooth speaker, webcam , mic or as a modem for your PC. Some of the best uses of Smartphone are explained here.


Multiple Uses Of Smartphone

1. Use Smartphone as Modem

Smartphone can be used as a modem for laptop, iPad or any other device but you just need to activate the data pack on your mobile. You can use the phone either as wi-fi router or as a USB cable, however both the processes are same.

  • First go to the mobile settings > Wireless & network > Mobile network > Use packet data and then uncheck the box ‘Use only 2G connection’.
  • Next again head to settings > Wireless & network >Tethering & portable Hotspot and select the second option ‘mobile AP’.
  • You will notice a blue Wi-Fi icon in the notification bar of your mobile.
  • Now go to the PC or laptop anything that supports Wi-Fi and search for the Wi-Fi networks. Select the ‘Android AP’ option from list and start browsing.

For connecting to internet using USB cable you need to choose ‘USB tethering’ option instead of ‘Mobile AP’.

2. Use Smartphone as webcam for PC

If your PC does not have a webcam then use Smartphone for that purposes. The process is explained below.

  • IP webcam is an app which helps in this. There are lots of apps available in this purposes but IP webcam is best and easy to use. First install this software in your mobile.
  • Now connect both your phone and computer to the same wi-fi network.
  • Open IP webcam in mobile and select ‘start server’ at the bottom.
  • It will start the camera and an URL will be displayed. Copy and paste this URL in the computer browser and press enter.
  • In the browser there will be two drop down named video render and audio render. Select browser from video render and select HTML wav from audio render.

A video feed will be displayed in the browser. That’s all and you can now use the mobile camera as webcam.

3. Use Smartphone as mic for PC

You can use the Smartphone as a microphone also for your PC using a software WO mic. The process is very simple.

  • Download and install WO mic app on your phone and the windows program, driver in PC.
  • Start the app on phone.
  • Next in the windows program go to connection > connect and select the type of connection from Bluetooth, USB cable and WI-Fi. Press Ok then to use it as a mic for PC.

4. Use Smartphone as Wi-Fi adapter

  • Connect your phone and PC through a USB cable.
  • Enable Wi-Fi on phone.
  • Next go to Settings > Wi-Fi Settings > Tethering & portable Hotspot > USB Tethering and enable it.
  • You will see then the windows will automatically install some drivers and it will be ready for browsing.

5. Use Smartphone as Hotspot

  • Move to settings > Wireless & network > Tethering & portable hotspot > portable Wi-Fi hotspot in your phone and type a Wi-Fi name and password by going to the settings.
  • Now on your PC select that Wi-Fi of the phone from the list and click connect. You can now browse in PC using the 3G/4G connection of phone.

That’s it, we have mention all useful ways to use your spare or other android smartphone in different ways. There are even more ways such as using smartphone as security camera, or even as a remote. Tell us how you are going to use smartphone differently

. Also share any other creative ways to use android or other smartphone. Let us do it differently. Have you find this article amazing enough to share on social media, Do hit on like and share button now.