How To Unlike Liked Photos On Instagram (Tips & Tricks)

Tap Tap is what Instagram says to like any photo on Instagram android app, while sometimes accidentally you hit like and want to unlike picture or video on Instagram android app. Guess what, its easy as a piece of cake. But may of the Instagram user fails to unlike  once liked pictures and videos. Liking post on instagram is always  fun, but sometime it turns worst as easy hitting twice on screen make white heart go red. In this article I’m gonna show you how to unlike liked photos and videos on Instagram.


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Instagram, recently acquired by social giant Facebook INC is one of the fastest growing photos and videos sharing social network. There are more than 16 billion post uploaded on instagram, 70% of instagram user checks it once a day and 40% of the user lives in United States. This amazing social networking platform attracts thousand of new users daily.

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Simple Steps To Unlike Liked Photos On Instagram

Step 1. Go to the Photo or Video you liked by mistake and want to unlike now

Step 2. Dont feel sad, because you want to unlike and you won’t able to do so, follow step 3

Step 3. Find the red heart button in left bottom corner of the screen

Step 4. Tap on red heart to unlike photos / video and stay happy.

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