How to Uninstall System Applications

Does your smartphone restrict you from installing new applications due to its bloat ware issues, in simple terms if you do not use the stock android which is given out in Google Smartphone then probably you might have few apps on your smartphone which you never used and would be willing to remove it the second you came to know how to! If this is the case with you guess what we are back with another trick to show you how the remove system applications from your smartphone. This trick has been divided in two parts with one being for non-root users where you cannot remove the application completely but it’ll not appear on your screen and not use as much space as it used to take and the other one is where you can actually remove the application completely from your smartphone provided you have the root access. If you are confused or don’t know if your smartphone is rooted or no then probably it’ll be safe to use the first method.


Here’s the video tutorial for those who don’t have time to read the complete article.


System as we all know takes a shit load of our space for no good reason. However some applications which help you in using smartphones effectively are obviously worth keeping. Moto Assist is one of the best examples of System app which actually works wonders. Coming to the point, here are some easy steps to remove system apps from your smartphone

  • Step 1- Go to setting of your smartphone from the app drawer.
  • Step 2- Scroll down till you find “Apps” settings.

  • Step 3- Navigate in that settings to “All” tab, and you\’ll find all the application which are there in your smartphone including the system application

NOTE: This step will is very tricky! Make sure you know which application you are going to remove. Removal of system apps may lead to malfunction in your smartphone.

  • Step 4- Go to the application which you want to install! You will see that the uninstall tab might not be clickable as it is not meant to be removed but you\’ll find a disable tab.

  • Step 5- coming to the final step of removing the application. Click “Disable”

As I’ve mentioned earlier this won’t remove the application completely from your smartphone as you do not have root access. But this will make sure that the application won’t be seen in your smartphone and use much less space and RAM then it used to.


This method will remove the application completely from your smartphone, however we do not take any responsibility if your smartphone stops working or doesn’t work as it used to. Make sure you are aware of what root is and how to use it.
To remove applications from this method you need to install and application called “uninstall” as simple the name is, so it is to use this application.

  • Step 1- Download the application and install it. Click here to download the application
  • Step 2- Run the application and it’ll ask for SuperSu permission. Grant it and go to step 3

  • Step 3- You’ll find a list of application including system as well as third-party applications.

I repeat! Make sure you know which application you are about to uninstall do not uninstall all your system application, if you do so then your phone might brick or stop working as it used to work

  • Step 4- Select the application which you want to uninstall from the list.

  • Step 5- You can multi select applications from the list and press uninstall once you are ready with apps you need to uninstall.

Uninstalling apps will make a small recycle bin on your smartphone from where you can recover the deleted apps. It is highly recommended to not Touch/Move/ Delete the backup. That’s everything you need to know about how to delete a system application on Android.