How to Tweet with 280 characters Right Now !

Just a day ago, Twitter released a post on its blog stating that the character limit has been doubled to 280. It is available only to a few users as of now but will be widely available in the future. This is a big step in the development of the platform, allowing characters.


According to Twitter, many languages such as Japanese, Korean and Chinese can be easily expressed under the 140 character limit but this constraint has affected English users which don’t find enough characters to say what they want. Twitter believes that this causes many English Twitter users to be frustrated with the limit. As a result, it has now increased its tweet limit to 280 characters


Here is a tweet by Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey. According to him, the 280 character limit has allowed them to maintain their speed, brevity and essence along with saying that it was a big move for Twitter as the 140 character limit was an arbitrary choice for them based on the 160 character limit. By now, some of you may have already noticed that the tweet is much more than 140 characters long. In fact, this tweet is exactly 280 characters long

Why It’s Not Good For Twitter

While the 140 character limit surely seemed to frustrate a lot of people due to the restrictions on what one wants to say, it might not be a good idea at all. This might as well just make the Twitter feed look way too crammed and people will have to scroll more even to see recent tweets. Some people have also taken advantage of this feature by filling people’s timelines with completely blank tweets. Here is an example: click here

How to Tweet with 280 characters Right Now!

As of now, only a limited amount of people can officially tweet with 280 characters but there’s a method for any user to do so using a script on their web browsers. It might sound very complex but its very easy. Here is what you\’ll need to do:

  • Go to The site may take some time to load.
  • Click and hold the button in the middle which says Tweet 280. Drag it onto the bookmarks bar on your browser and then release it.
  • Go to Tweetdeck. Log in with your account. Originally you will see a 140 character limit.
  • Click on the bookmark you added. If your bookmarks bar doesn\’t appear, press Ctrl+Shift+B.
  • You will now notice that you can tweet using 280 characters

So that’s pretty much how you can Tweet with 280 characters. I tested it out myself, here is the outcome:

Count it if you want, this tweet has exactly 280 characters.