How To Take The Perfect Selfie Differently – Selfie Tips

If you have taken a new android Smartphone or already having one then it is obvious that you too are eager to take good selfie and be a part of the recent craze by posting the photo in social networks. Taking the perfect selfie is what most of girls and guys love to do. Therefore some important points are discussed here so that you can take even better selfie from your android phone.


Take selfie with the back camera

Most of Smartphones are equipped with two cameras front and rear camera. Front camera on android is used for taking selfie as it is really difficult to take selfie using back camera because we can’t see the button and find it difficult to hit the button without seeing it.

But an android app called smart magic has come to reduce the difficulty and you can take selfie with the back camera that will be of very good quality. This app speaks out the direction that is it tracks where the head is and say right, left, cheese etc. Also there is no need to push the button as this app clicks the photo automatically when the head is in center and in focus.

Use selfie stick for #PerfectSelfie

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Selfie stick is a good way to take perfect selfie where the phone is attached at the end of a long metal stick. This stick is normally extensible and selfies are taken by placing the phone beyond the usual range of arm. This stick allows to take the quality selfie and in full length.

There are usually three basic types of selfie stick:

  • The first kind is Bluetooth enabled and there is a button in the handle of the stick for taking selfie.
  • The second type can be attached to the phone by inserting it into the phone headphone jack and it also contains a button at the handle.
  • The third type is the remote triggering kind but the first one is best of all.

The general selfie taking tips for guys and for girls with android Smartphone

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  1. Install selfie camera app: There are so many apps available that help to take better selfie using the front camera on android. All those apps have various features that are normally not included in the front camera.
  2. Check the background: Before taking the selfie check out the background twice. Best background for selfie are the walls, curtain and take photos on all that places where there is less distraction and the risk of embarrassment is less.
  3. Keep the face towards light source: There might be flash in the front camera as well but try not to use it for having a natural photo. Stand facing the light source such as sunlight, bulb etc so that the light falls on your face. It helps to have a great and clear selfie.
  4. Raise the hands and push forward your neck: To look slim in the selfie this is a good trick. It can hide the double chin and you will look thin than you are actually.
  5. Use some photo editing apps
    : For final touches you can use some photo editing apps that make the photo flawless.

That’s it, we hope you love reading this article and found helpful to take perfect selfies. So what is your take on “perfect selfies” share your ideas on how to take good selfies also if you find this selfie taking tips amazing please share it on social networks. Lets help others to get #PerfectSelfie