Smartphone Buying Guide : Things To Consider Before Buying Android Phone

Don’t just close your eyes and buy a new smartphone. Open your eyes, read this article about Smartphone buying guide 2015 before making any purchase decision. People are getting very keen to get a new Smartphone with the introduction of new models each year. If you are planning to have a good android Smartphone then focus on some points before buying the device you have dreamed of and spending huge money for it. Above Android team has made smartphone buying guide, which you can consider before buying android or any other phones online or offline. The most important things that should be considered are listed here.


Smartphone Buying Guide

1. Internal phone memory

Internal storage or phone memory is an important point to be considered as this storage cannot be replaced very frequently like microSD card. Even though you plan to transfer all the apps to SD card after installing but still they occupy some spaces in internal storage. So make sure that there is minimum 1GB internal storage in the new phone.

2. Speed of the processor

Processor speed or the CPU speed is that on which the performance and speed of the phone depends. So the speed should be good enough to handle all the tasks effortlessly. Processor speed is measured in Hz. For a good performance the processor speed should be 1GHz or more than that.

3. RAM : Random Access Memory 

RAM is the other important factor to be considered before buying the phone. Each and everything such as the core apps and the apps that you are using currently is stored in RAM. When you close any app this is stored in RAM so that next time when you will again open the app it will be launched from RAM as RAM is much more faster than internal and external storage. So RAM should be at least 1 GB minimum.

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4. OS version

Always go for the latest version of operation system. So if you are planning to buy now then try to get a phone that has android Lollipop installed. The benefits of having the latest android version are:

  • Excellent performance
  • Supports all the current apps
  • Improved UI
  • More stable, secure and consistent

Bonus Tip

Check SAR value Before buying Smartphone. High sar value can lead to mental disorders and cause of cancer : Know more about SAR value click here

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5. Display

Display is very important factor and the ideal screen size should be 3.5-5 inch. Also check the PPI for more clarity and quality. You can choose the scratch proof or corona glass display for more protection.

6. Design and look

Design and look is also important to consider. Because the first impression is made by the look of any phone and youngsters prefer the best look. So select the design that suits you.

7. Camera

Some phones come with both the front and rear camera while some come with only the rear camera. If you want to make video calls or skype chatting from your phone then buy a phone that has front camera also. Check the MP (mega pixel) also for good quality images and videos.

8. Battery

Battery capacity is very important to check before going ahead with the buying process of an android phone because, without battery android Smartphone is nothing but a brick. So make sure that the battery capacity of the phone is at least 2200 mAH or more than that.


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Just remember those points and get a phone to never regret your purchase. We hope that this “Smartphone buying guide” can help you to make right purchase. Also do share your views on this topic by commenting below. Don’t forget to share and tweet this write-up. Have happy purchase.