Android 10: How To Share Wi-Fi Networks Easily Using QR Code

It is very important that one uses a strong Wi-Fi password for their home or office network which is a mixture of alphabets and numbers. Having a complex password can become a headache when you have guests over at your place and they want to use your Wi-Fi network. This does not mean you should use a weak Wi-Fi password to escape from such situations though.

Share Wi-Fi Networks Easily Using QR Code

In some unlike cases, there is a possibility that your device is connected to a Wi-Fi network whose password you don’t recollect or have access to but would want your friends or family to connect it. For such a sudden problem, Android 10 introduces a convenient option of sharing a Wi-Fi network using QR codes. This QR code can then be scanned by any smartphone to connect the Wi-Fi network.

The good thing is that this whole process works flawlessly and does not require one to download any Third-Party App. It even operates with iPhones so irrespective of which phone your friends or family members are using, you can use this method to quickly join them to any Wi-Fi network you want.

Follow the steps below.

STEP 1: On your smartphone running Android 10, go to Settings → Network & Internet → Wi-Fi. Relying on which device you are operating, the option in the Settings menu might be different. Mainly you need to go to the Wi-Fi menu screen where all the available and connected Wi-Fi networks are displayed.

STEP 2: Your phone previously must be connected to the Wi-Fi network whose password you want to share via QR code. Tap on the Wi-Fi name come up by the Share button.

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STEP 3: A QR code will then be shown on your phone’s screen. Open the camera app directly of another Android device or an iPhone and note it to this QR code. That device will then automatically give you a reminder to connect the shared Wi-Fi network. On Pixels and Android One devices, the Wi-Fi password will also be displayed below. On Samsung Galaxy devices though, only the QR code is shown and not the password.