How To Share Your Device’s Data Connection with Others – Internet Tethering Procedure

How wonderful it would if you can access Internet on your smartphone using other device Data connection. Internet tethering can help you share one device data connection with other. Today internet is part of our life from browsing web, composing emails, sending message by WhatsApp, facebooking, Twitting, Blogging, Goggling stuffs, Youtubing and many more things Sharing one device data with another can be done by three different ways via Wireless LAN (Wi-Fi Hotspot) via Bluetooth or even can be done through physical connection i.e using USB cable. In this article we gonna discuss Internet tethering over which is most used procedure while connecting one phone with other phone or laptop. Speed of the internet may varying from Service provider, Data Plans you use, and network connection i.e 2G 3G 4G


Note: Internet Sharing can drain your device battery faster – Have a look at Battery Saving Tips

Steps for Sharing ones device data connection with another-Internet Tethering

—> Following stuff to do on device which is going to share internet

1. Tap on app drawer and go to Setting

2. Click on “Tethering & portable hotspot” which can be found under Wireless & Networks head by tapping on “more..”

3. Now go to set up Wi-Fi Hotspot ( configure Wi-Fi hotspot ) and change random Alphabet to
under “Network SSID”

4. Here is now important part change your security to WPA PSK, WPA2 PSK etc and never keep it as OPEN

5. One more step for secure connection, Set Password of minimum 8 character for eg 12345678 and Save it.

Now, click on “Portable Wi-Fi Hotspot”

Zappit , now your device started sharing data connection. Don\’t leave here, read following stuff you have to do on other device in order to get connected with this device

—> Following stuff to do on other device which going to use shared Internet.

1. Tap on app drawer and go to setting

2. Select Wi-Fi option available under Wireless & Networks

3. Click “On” button, it will start searching available wireless network around you

4. Tap on “”

5. It will ask for password, input password for eg 12345678 or the one you set on internet tethering device

6. Hit on connect. Wuuhuu Done

Now you can enjoy browsing. How great it would if you visit through connected device and explorer many more things like you did just now.Hope we are able to solve your issue and help you somehow,


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