How To Sell Phones On OLX & Quikr With Maximum Value

We all are familiar with the names Quikr and OLX when it comes to buy or sell used phones  or other products. If you want to sell phones on OLX & Quikr with maximum amount, these two sites are the best option for that in India. All you need to do is put an advertisement for selling the phone along with its picture and people who are interested to buy a used android phone will contact you.


Now the thing is how to get the maximum value of your android phone by selling it on OLX and Quikr? Without having any knowledge on it you may end up getting either too low price or too high price for the phone. You know the concept of MRP when buying something new.  Well Quikr has introduced a new solution for this, called MSP (maximum selling price).

What is MSP and how it is calculated?

The team of Quikr has designed an algorithm that uses different data resources in order to reach to a reasonable resale price of your android phone or other goods. This algorithm takes into consideration the pricing details of your phone, then the MSP calculator generates a credible resale values for your android phone based on the other similar products that are listed in the database for months. This tool is perfect for both, sellers and buyers.

To sell your android phone on Quikr, first select the checkbox next to Sell. Then select category from over 160 available categories. You will be prompted to select a sub-category. Purchase price field needs to be filled, then select year and month from drop downs to tell how old the phone is. After providing all these information, click on Calculate. Quikr will show you Excellent, average and Good selling price of your android phone or other used items.

In case you want to sell your used android phone on OLX, then you can calculate the MSP from Quikr and then put the advertisement on OLX.

Tips To Get Maximum Value Of Your Used Smartphone On OLX & Quikr

  • Upload real clean photos of phone with all angles. At least upload 4 photos with good background.
  • Provide right information in ad description.
  • Smartphone with bill, box and accessories get maximum value.
  • Set appropriate price and keep it as negotiable rather than fixed price.

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