How to Schedule Text Message on Android

Text messaging is the traditional way to chat without having any internet connection. Using the schedule text message feature, you will never miss the opportunity for sending any message to anyone in a specific time and date. In this article, we will discuss how to schedule text messages on Android devices.


Top Apps for Schedule Text Message on Android Devices:

Schedule Text Message

These are the best apps that can help you to send a scheduled text message on Android devices. Read the complete details carefully before installing them from the below-provided link. You also need to note that few of the Android device manufacturers like Xiaomi, LG and Samsung offer inbuilt message scheduling features.

You can easily use the feature from the extra option which will be provided directly into your inbuilt messaging service.


This application is the most used messaging third party application for Android devices. This application will give you full customization options along with the features of a basic messaging app. The schedule text messages is one of the advanced features which will help you to send any text message in your preferable time.

You just need to tap on the clock icon to send a scheduled message using this application.

Developer: Delicious
Price: Free+

Pulse SMS:

Another messaging application with a similar user interface like the default text message app. You can use the schedule text messages option just by opening the hamburger menu.

You can easily set any date and time when you want to send your preferable message to any contact. Apart from that this application also offers a large variety of features compared to most of the SMS applications.

Developer: Maple Media
Price: Free+

Do It Later:

This application rather comes with a full package, and it is available for free in your Google Play Store. Not only you can send scheduled text messages to any contacts, but you can also schedule tweets, emails, and calls.


This application is specifically design for using the schedule text messages feature in your Android device. You need to connect the appropriate account with the application to use other third-party scheduled message features in your device.

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Schedule Message:

Most of the cases Android users are not interested in switching to different messaging apps for any particular feature. In that case, you can use this add on directly into the default messaging app available in your Android device.

You just need to install this application and set any schedule text messages which will be sent directly through the default messaging app. The user interface is minimalistic and this application offers the service in exchange for showing you ads.

Download Link>> Schedule Message


Sending text messages using a schedule text messages feature can help you to send appropriate messages at the right time. We have collected complete information regarding the usage of schedule text messages features from different sources and user reviews.

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