How To Run Apple iOS Apps on Android using iOS Emulators [Top 3 Apps]

Basically, Apple devices are having iOS apps that cannot be directly used in Android devices. Although emulators are the best option to run iOS apps on Android devices. There are various reasons to choose iOS apps to be run on Android devices.


Most of the iOS apps and games are not available for other devices, which are known as platform-specific apps. The best way to run these apps without purchasing any Apple devices is to use the emulator in your Android device.

Most people are not having much financial ability to purchase Apple devices, which makes it one of the best choices for running iOS apps. In this article, we will discuss the best emulators which you can use for running iOS apps in your Android devices.

Advantages of Using iOS Emulators:

Before you get started with installing any iOS emulator on your Android device, you need to know about the advantages of using it. Basically, it will give you the most possible ability to run iOS apps in your Android device without any Apple devices.

Even though you can use IOS apps in your Mac computer and Windows PC, but still it does not give you the best way to use it. We will definitely recommend you to choose the emulator, as they are the most financially compatible option available for Android users. 

You need to consider a few of the restrictions which you will face while running iOS apps in your Android devices. You need to overlook those restrictions, as you are using an alternative way to run those apps which are basically not compatible with your device.

Overall you will get a smooth experience, but it is recommended to have 512 MB of RAM in order to gate the ultimate experience. 

Eventually, all of the Android devices which we are currently using are having more than 1GB of RAM, so we are good to go with the iOS emulator in your Android device. iOS emulators and not officially provided software, so you will not get it from the Google Play Store.

We have provided the download link with complete details of the iOS emulator in this article for you. Note that we are not responsible for any damage faced by your Android device after installing those iOS emulators. If you are in doubt you can always scan the apk file with antivirus in order to be safe in installing it in your Android device. 

Best iOS Emulators To iOS Apps on Android:

These are the best iOS emulators available for Android devices which are having the ability to run iOS apps. Read the complete details of the iOS emulators before installing them in your Android device to run iOS apps. You can download the emulator from the below-provided link in this article.

1. iEMU:

This is probably the most famous iOS emulator available for Android devices. It is enabling your Android device to have a complete virtual iOS environment to run iOS apps on android devices. With the help of this emulator, you can easily download and install any iOS apps and games on your Android device.

Most importantly this iOS emulator is not taking much internal storage space on your Android device, which makes it more flawless to use. 

According to the active user reviews, running games in this iOS simulator can be tough compared to iOS apps. This emulator is not perfect and has several bugs, but still, it will give you the experience of iOS devices in your Android.

In order to install this iOS emulator, you can hate the installation guide which we have provided in this article for you. 


  • This emulator will offer you a similar user interface that is available on iOS devices.
  • Having user-friendly functionality which is easier to use.
  • The application size is small enough to run smoothly in any Android device.
  • This application is available for free and does not need any in-app purchases.
  • Easily run any iOS apps on android using this emulator.


  • This application is filled with annoying ads.
  • Not having support for each and every iOS apps and games.
  • Not available in the native store of the Android device.

2. Cider:

This particular iOS emulator is developed by the students of the camera science department at Columbia University. This application will also work smoothly in order to run any iOS apps on your Android devices. This application is similar to functionalities compared to the iEMU iOS emulator. This emulator is giving you access to all the iOS apps and games with easy steps. 

This iOS emulator is not having any restriction on difficulties for running any particular apps and games in your Android device. Easy downloading and installation of apps are provided by this iOS emulator. Although this particular iOS emulator will not work with each and every Android device. You need to check the complete list for the supported Android devices in order to use it. 

It is recommended to choose this iOS emulator If you are using a popular smartphone manufacturer device. It is guaranteed that your device is supported if you are having a well-known device model. In any case, if your device is not supported by this iOS emulator, then you can always use the other iOS emulator which we have listed in this article. 


  • This iOS emulator is available for free.
  • It is completely malware-free.
  • You will get continuous updates regularly.
  • This iOS emulator is having support for all iOS apps and games.
  • This user interface is much easier to use.
  • This application is also having support for micro SD card, this will allow you to install and save any games and apps in it.
  • This emulator is also having support for most of the older versions of the Android operating system.
  • This application is having a small file size which much smooth to use.


  • Not all Android devices are compatible to run this iOS emulator.
  • It will lag in in older version of the Android devices.
  • You will not get this emulator from the native App Store of your Android device.

Download Link>> Cider

3. Appetize iOS Emulator:

This particular iOS emulator is rather different from the above-mentioned emulators in this list. This is a browser-based emulator that can run any iOS apps on Android devices as well as other devices. Multi-platform compatibility working due to JavaScript and HTML5. You need to activate an internet connection in order to use this come later which will give you the best possible outcome without any issues. 

This iOS emulator is definitely the smart choice due to the non-requirement of the installation of a third-party apk file in your Android device. So, this emulator will eliminate all the risk which it may face during the installation of third-party APK files in your Android device.

If you are not sure about this iOS emulator then you can always try to run any iOS apps on Android which will give you a clear idea about this application. 


  • Easy accessibility.
  • Application is having high-quality graphics.
  • The emulator is available for free on your Android device.
  • Each and every web browser is supported to run this IOS emulator.
  • Having support for running all the iOS apps and games.
  • There are annoying ads available in the user interface while running any iOS apps and games.


  • If you are having a slow internet connection then you will face lag while running iOS apps and games.
  • There is no ability to save the data of games and apps using this iOS emulator.

More Info >> Appetize iOS Emulator

Guide to Install iOS Emulators in Your Android Devices:

You need to follow the instructions carefully in order to successfully install the iOS emulator in your Android device. You can download the apk file of the iOS emulators from the above links from this article.

We are not responsible for any complication happening during or after the installation of iOS emulators in your Android devices.

  1. Open the link of the iOS emulators using any web browser in your Android device.
  2. The link will redirect you to the download page of the iOS emulator for your Android device.
  3. Download the appropriate file from the webpage by tapping on the download button.
  4. It will take few moments to download the iOS emulator apk file in your Android device.
  5. Now you need to locate the iOS emulator apk file using your file explorer app or just by going to the download section of the same web browser.
  6. Go to the settings of your Android device and enable installation from unknown sources option. This step can be skipped in case you have already enabled this function in your Android device.
  7. Now tap on the iOS emulator apk file in order to install it in your Android device.
  8. It will ask for the confirmation to install the APK file, tap on the install button to continue.
  9. Wait for few minutes until the iOS emulator gets installed in your Android device.
  10. After the installation process is completed, you will get to see the iOS emulator app icon in the app list of your Android device.
  11. Tap on the app icon to launch the iOS emulator in your Android device.
  12. Now you can see the iOS environment in your Android device where you can easily install any iOS apps on Android and try to run it.
  13. It is recommended to use a single iOS emulator at a time in order to avoid the slow Down of your Android device.

Guide to Use Appetize iOS Emulator to Run iOS App and Games in your Android Devices:

This particular iOS emulator runs differently so we have provided a separate guideline to use this emulator. 

  1. You need to launch any web browser in your Android device.
  2. Now go to the URL bar and type “”.
  3. Select the enter button to continue loading the webpage.
  4. You will get to see the webpage of this particular iOS emulator in your Android device web browser.
  5. It is recommended to check the internet connection speed before continuing with the process.
  6. You will get to see the “Tap to Play” option on the screen.
  7. Select that option which will give you the environment in your Android screen.
  8. Now you can easily download and install any iOS apps and games in your iOS emulator and run it.
  9. If you face any error while running iOS apps and games by using this emulator, then you can get started with the process once again to succeed.

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Summary of iOS Emulator Usage on Android Devices:

iOS platform is one of the most innovative and famous smartphone platforms used by the majority of the users after Android. But if you are looking for huge apps’ availability and customization features then you should go for Android devices. Most importantly the majority of the apps and games are available in both IOS and Android devices. 


Even a few of the apps are having alternate versions in both platforms which makes it much similar to use. Due to the user-friendly experience and seamless multitasking, both platforms are having similar abilities usage.

But still, IOS and Android devices work on ARM hardware. Due to this similarity, it is much easier to run iOS apps and games even with the emulator in the Android device.

Last Words:

Running iOS apps on Android devices is a difficult task which required to have the best emulator to run it. There are multiple emulators available for Android devices, although not each and everyone will give you the best possible outcome.

We have gathered complete information regarding iOS emulators for Android devices from different sources and user reviews. We have posted those details in this article for you to get more knowledge about them.

Share this innovative article with others so that they get to choose the appropriate iOS emulator to run iOS apps on Android devices easily.