How To Do A Reverse Image Search In Android

If you talk about performing internet-based tasks, most people do not use computers at all. They depend on smartphones as they offer more comfort and luxury. Android-based phones are used a lot on a global scale. If you are using one, you should know how to perform a reverse image search using it. Before going into the details, let us skim through a brief explanation of this terminology.


Reverse Image Search – Understanding It

Suppose that you want to check the coat brand your favorite actor wore for the annual awards. The standard method is using Google but you need to use the correct word combination to get what you want. However, a more specific method is a reverse search. Simply upload a source picture and locate all the snapshots related to it. In this case, uploading a picture of the actor and executing the process would help you in getting pictures of his coat. Eventually, you would kill your anxiousness by knowing the brand.

Steps Of Doing A Reverse Search On The Android Phone

Here you have two alternatives

Reverse searching for an online image

In accordance with this situation, the image is not stored on your Android phone. Here are the steps you have to complete for the reverse image search.

  • To start with, open the Google browser and click the “images” section. After that, search for a source picture. If you want to know about the glasses a well-known singer endorses, search for a picture of the celebrity.
  • From the results, pick a snapshot you wish to use and click it open in full view. After that keep the button pressed until you view the option “search for Google”. This feature locates all the pictures connect to the source picture in any way. In this case, the images which relate to the singer will be shown to you. The best thing about reverse search is that it produced specific results.

Reverse Searching for a downloaded image

Suppose that you need to find the best tires of a vintage car that your friend owns. He has sent you a picture of the vehicle and it has been downloaded on your Android phone. In this case, the image is stored in the physical memory and does not have to be searched online. Thus, the reverse search process will differ a little. Here are the steps you need to follow.

  • You need to open the image links for Google using the Chrome browser. To opt for the desktop version, check the feature called “desktop site”.
  • Once the step explained above is performed, you would see a small camera image at the bottom, click it to browse an image from the phone repository.

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Why is a reverse image search highly effective?

There are several methods for searching for information. Most people use Google and use text-based searches. A list of results is produced and users have to make appropriate selections. Time is consumed when users have to check through the results and determine the ones that are relevant. In addition to that, in the case of a text-based search, the outputs depend on the combination of search phrases. For instance, “best Android phones” and “Android phones that are top-rated” would not have the same results. At times, the information generated is not fruitful.

  • In comparison to text-based searching, a reverse image search is more effective. Instead of trying different keyword combinations, you need to upload a picture. All the images which connect with it will be displayed along with the results.  It is a lot easier to filter through images than read several lines of text. In addition to that, going through pictures is not as boring as text.
  • Anyone who searches for information wishes to get exact results. Considering this requirement, using the reverse search technique is a lot better than using text comparisons. For instance, a product manager would need exact information in accordance with the requirements he has. Such busy professionals do not have the time to read a lot of content. They need specific data according to the set of needs. Hence, they find the reverse image search method a lot more productive.

Reverse search tools are free 

The biggest restriction with high standard online tools is the financial stress they bring along. When you are searching for reverse search tools, you will realize that most online options are free. Hence, a lot of worries go down the drain when the user does not have to spend any money.

  • There is one thing that users should be careful about. Every tool that seems efficient is actually not. Some of them do not produce all image outputs. Hence, you may miss out on the most relevant result. Going through the feedback of the tool will give you an idea. Simply see what people have to say about the reverse search tool. If the bulk of the comments are impressive, you can select it. In other cases, do not take the risk and search for better alternatives.

Summing it Up

Today, online searching is the best and strongest way to get desired information. However, the correctness of results depends since multiple methods are used. Reverse search does not consume as much effort and time as text-based phrases. If you have a small span and need to get the most accurate results, trying out different text-based combinations would not help you. 

Reverse image search is a lot more efficient as well. All the copies of the uploaded images and related snapshots are shown to the user without anything being missed. When keyword combinations are used, it is almost impossible to get such exact results. Other than that, users have to experiment with various combinations to view all the results.

These tools are free and used online. Hence, no monetary pressures have to be faced. Secondly, you do not need to clog the memory of your smartphone with installations. If your phone has network connectivity, nothing else is required. This tool is helpful for writers, corporate workers, students, and other user categories.