How To Restore Notifications You Accidentally Dismissed with Notification History Log?

The notification system in Android is one of the best features, but it can be annoying if you accidently dismiss all those notifications. There is a simple way to view all these notification that comes on your phone. Notification History Log is a new Android app which saves all your notifications locally on your device in one place.


You can retrieve all your old notifications using this application. This app helps you to access Notification History Log where you can find old notifications that you cleared recently. Notification History Log works on all Android Smartphones which running on KitKat or Higher version. You get full control over your notifications.

The app has an option of Advanced View which helps you to open the notification directly. You can view advanced details of notification like app name, package name, notification time, app notification icon, title and description of the notification. Also, you can see the play store listing details of the application.

Features of an Advanced view in Notification History Log:

  • You can Clear all notifications at once on your smartphone.
  • By Swiping individual notification it gets deleted.
  • Has Unlimited notification log size.
  • Blacklist Applications to stop showing in Advanced view.
  • Open Advanced View by default.
  • Search Notifications.

How to Use Notification History Log:

  • Once you downloaded the app, open it and wait for few seconds as it needs to configure your phone.
  • When it’s ready, you will see the home screen of an app which shows the devices currently using and which features it supports.
  • Android’s Limited built-in notification log comes first in notification history. Ignore that and click on Advanced History instead.
  • You can look all your notifications from the Advanced History Tab.
  • Also, a search feature is there for scanning individual apps or looking for a message from a specific person.
  • You can set a limit of many notifications you should store at a time (from 15 up to 250).
  • Set Advanced History as the default for a landing page.

This app is free of cost, but there also of Pro Version for it which cost around $1.49. It has some additional features which include the option to store unlimited notification. Has an ability to swipe on a single notification to delete it or blacklist apps which will not show the notification of that app. Also, removes the ads from the app. You can download this app from here

. After using this app, feel free to comment in our comment section below.