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Proven Steps To Unblock Yourself From Someone’s WhatsApp Account [How To]

Proven Steps To Unblock Yourself From Someone’s WhatsApp Account [How To]

by Harsh ShahJune 27, 2014

Update : This method about ” unblocking yourself from someone’s whatsapp account ” is now not working with updated version of WhatsApp. If you have the older version of WhatsApp, then you can give it a try.

Getting blocked from your friends is the worst part if you are using the amazing WhatsApp Messenger. But Now, with the help of this article – How to Unblock Yourself From Someone’s WhatsApp, we will show you steps to unblock yourself from others account without notifying your victim. No doubt, WhatsApp is  one of the most widely used cross-platform instant messaging services out there. 

Unblock Yourself From Someone's WhatsApp

WhatsApp is indeed a big name in instant messaging platform with about 500 million monthly active users,10 billion messages ,800 million images and video shared each day worldwide. In Feb 2014, Facebook Acquire messaging giant WhatsApp Inc. for US$ 19 billion.

Alright, So I am sure your whatsapp account have been blocked from your friends account, and you are curios to know his/her whatsapp status, last seen and display picture and by the end of this article you will find yourself unblocked for sure.

How do you know whether you are blocked by someone else or not?

– Check Following details, if your friends “last seen status” or ” whatsapp status” or “display picture” is not visible to you, then you may be BLOCKED.
– If you send messages and it shows only one tick sign ( i.e message is been sent but doesn’t delivered) then you may be BLOCKED.

Steps to Unblock Yourself from someone’s WhatsApp Account

  1. Open WhatsApp Messenger
  2. Go to the Setting
  3. Click on “Account”
  4. Now hit on “Delete my account” ( don’t worry )
  5. Enter your phone number to delete account.
  6. Now lets UNINSTALL WhatsApp application
  7. Reboot/Restart your device
  8. Go to Play Store and Download WhatsApp again
  9. Install and enter details to start with
  10. Taaraampumm ! All set, now you have unblocked yourself with notifying anyone. Enjoy.

delete my account whatsapp

Note : Deleting your WhatsApp account will lead to forcefully leave all the groups in which you were present before. So carefully observe the steps to  unblock yourself from someone’s whatsApp account

I hope you have  now unblocked yourself from your friends whatsapp account and easily able to view the last seen, WhatsApp Status and display picture of your friend. After being unblock you will be also able to send the message to your friend and it will be successfully delivered to him/her.


To hide your last seen easily and to have a customize experience of WhatsApp install the latest version of WhatsApp Plus for free and change the color, size, font, background and many such things easily.

 Hope this method worked for you?  If YES, then please Share with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus. If NOT, then share you problem via commenting below, we at Above Android just love to help you out because we care FOR ANDROID USERS.

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  • rakesh

    it is not working

    • It is a proven Trick…We Itself have tried it and then published it.

    • Agree, Check the Update section Above.

      • mmm

        any workaround for the updated version??

  • Taher

    it didn’t work
    followed all the steps !!!
    please help

    • WhatsApp have updated the app and now this method does not work with the updated version of WhatsApp

  • shijoy

    its not working brother

  • Sakku Hawru

    really ye work nahi kar raha, even jitne msg.the wo bhi delet ho gae. ab koi solution batao k sabhi msg.wapas kese la sakte he? backup lia hua he.

    • Yes, this method don’t work with the updated version of the WhatsApp. To get back all the messages, install whatsapp again, it will ask to recover data, then select yes.

  • Sakku Hawru

    bilkul fake he iss solution ko delet karo warna dusro ko bhi same problm.aa sakti he.

  • Sakku Hawru

    pls.kuch solution batao sabhi msg.delet ho gae he.

  • Sakku Hawru

    ye to fake he hi dusri msg.history bhi gai kuch solution batao its most important.

  • mmm

    Harsh… there any workaround for the updated version???

    • Sorry, not yet , please do subscribe to our mail for instant update.

  • Pushpendra

    Harsh…same happened with me. My friend has blocked me. I followed suggested steps -I uninstalled whatsapp from my android 4.4. reinstalled it. I am still blocked, no message is delivered to my friend.
    Please suggest…its urgent

    • Hie Pushpendra, Its seems this method is not working on updated version of whatsapp, thought AboveAndroid team is finds ways to come out with new solution soon. You can subscribe to our mail for instant update.Thanks for commenting. have a great day 🙂

    • Monica Vijay

      I guess you should delete your account and create new one with same number.. not just uninstalling & reinstalling..

  • Deepak Uttarwar

    Hi.. It did not work for me also. All messages are lost. It even did not ask to restore the data while re-installing.

  • MohammadWasiullah

    Really awesome trick , Thanks

  • Ishika Agarwal


    • Moazzam Ali

      oh! it’s realy sad but i have an idea, why you don’t you think try this number? +923427779417 maybe it’s working for you better then?

    • Bhavin

      She he block me so how to unblock my self


      Sam thing done to me u have any idea..

  • banshee

    Why would you want to force yourself on somebody who doesn’t want to hear from you?

    • Jp Botha


    • Harry Weaver

      It should be an open topic unless specified only for whoever is intended. Otherwise it should be open to anyone with his/her personal opinion.

  • naeem

    I’m naeem khan
    Please help may whatsapp account

    • naeem

      Please help

  • shabaz

    Someone block me on whatsapp. How can I unblock . Above step are used but noworking plz help

    • Harry Weaver

      It seems like it is up to the moderator or whoever started the channel. If they don’t like the comment, they block you. Did me on two channels. If they can’t take opposite side comments, then don’t comment at all and kill the channel.

  • Monica Vijay

    does it work for whatsapp in java phones?

  • Samanthi Buter

    Please tell me.. does this steps work for G plus too…

  • Kaci

    Hi is there any other way of doing this with the newly updated version? As I’ve tried the above and it hasn’t worked

    • Harry Weaver

      They have it all fixed so it’s no longer possible to unblock from an entire group. It’s the fanatical leftist crew, seems the only ones who do it. Seems they can’t take the heat from what they post. Like me posting “What does GAY stand for? ” Got Aids Yet” blocked as spam.

  • Sarah Lizzie Edmondson

    I followed the above steps and it did not work 🙁 please help

    • prachi

      This steps is not working so suggest ti unblocked from friend account

  • Ravi

    Hi Harsh,
    I think it worked for me. I switched from my old mobile to new one. I was blocked on old mobile and when register with same on new device, i am unblocked and i am able to see the status and pic of the other person who blocked me.

    My whatsapp version is 2.11.432 on my new mobile. is this the latest one…?? If so, does it work only when switching between devices or also with the steps you provided above…???

    And one more question is, when we are blocked on other person’s mobile they will see the option to ‘UNBLOCK’ whenever they open our window. If we unblock ourselves using the above steps, will they still see that ‘UNBLOCK’ option or not…???

    • Hie Ravi,

      First of all thanks for stopping by and adding your valuable comment. Lets get to the point, YES its is possible to get unblocked if your are changing your device and hence it worked in your case. still there are no steps to unblock oneself using same device ( we will discover soon ) and the Whatsapp version you using is the latest one, no worries. And UNBLOCK option will not available on others account as you are not blocked now. Hope you got your answer, ping back if any query ,

      Thanks again. Do subscribe us for more Whatsapp updates

      • ricky

        hi, i have a new devise but with the old sim & gmail account and i didnt get unblocked. should i use a new gmail account?


      • Maya Arun

        hi, am using whatsapp new version, am being blocked my my bf, i ve tried getting unblock deleting my account multiple times and re-installed, by changing device, but no use of any measures!! plzz plzz can u say me a way to get unblocked without changing my number, for the same number in new whatsapp versions!!! plzzz

      • Harry Weaver

        May take even getting another isp if they blocked through your isp.

    • Harry Weaver

      It might work in some instances. Good luck on the rest.

  • anshuman

    Hi Harsh sir,
    Please tell me how to see someone’s dp when i m not in his contact list.. please help me sir

  • Sofia

    Hi, like the rest… I’m desperate to be unblocked on whatsapp, since this method doesn’t work with the lastest version of whatsapp, my question is if there’s any way to unistall the whatsapp updates, go back to an older version, and try this method again to see if it works?

  • Sofia

    Also, another question: could it be possible that this doesn’t work because your number is linked to the gmail installed and used to go to play store and download whatsapp? What happens if I do all the steps but after restasting my phone I set up a new gmail address?

  • Venkat Prem

    my friend unsaved my number from her phone so i could not see her dp,status,last seen…will i have any way to see her dp and other things..if so please tell me

  • ravi kumar

    my friend unsaved my number from her phone so i could not see her dp status last seen in whatsapp.will i have any way to see her dp and other things.if so please tell me

  • urghhhh

    i changed my sim card or my iphone so i have a different number than my original urghhhh

    • Tazzy

      Does that work I have a different sim and my wife who wants to divorce me as blocked me. She from India, if I used a different sim and created a news what’s app account, as she would have my number on her phone. Will I be able to see her status and profile photos?

  • Ash

    Hi, on my iPhone, I can definitely see a phone book contact’s “last seen status” as a certain date/time (e.g. Monday at 2.34pm). However this date/time has NOT changed for a few days. This is very strange because I know that this person uses Whatsapp all the time!

    I am NOT in their phone book contact list. IF they suddenly (after Monday 2.34pm) changed their “last seen status” to be visible by phonebook contacts only, would this explain why I can only see that frozen status of Monday at 2.34pm?

    Please help – thanks.

  • Chester Kong

    Hi .. I had been blocked by one of my friend .. I’m wondering, if the person deleted my number from his/her SIM card or phone, am I still being blocked or unblocked ?

    • Yes, u will still be blocked even if they removed u from their contact lists.

  • Priya Vasant

    When i install old version then its show this is old version so how can i use old version and unblock ma self

    • Vinayak Chikhale


  • nihal

    If we deleting my acccount so, how can I set my settting according to ur rules?bcoz if u will install whtsapp after deleting old it will show time so ho I can go setting directly??

  • TT

    It doenst work. I just tried. Any other ways?

    • jamie

      It doesn’t work. I tried multiple times

  • disqus_GtR8TLX5oZ

    hi how i can get unblocked if some one blocked me on
    his whattsapp

  • disqus_GtR8TLX5oZ

    how can we see last seen or dp of the person who blocked us on whattsapp

  • Foram

    This is not helping me.. can you help.. still blocked

  • Roadies

    I suddenly got unblocked and I am sure the blocker did not unblock me. Is it a possibility that the blocker might have changed handset and registered on whatsapp with same number and I got unblocked ?

  • Sam Gomez

    How can i find out when (date) I had blocked a profile on my own mobile. Please need a answer.

  • Diptimoy

    What nonsense is this?? it didn’t work, waste of time huh

  • syed hashim

    It does not work any othr way plzz

  • sunil

    it is not working

    • Div

      Deleting ur whatsapp account and Un installing process is not working for latest version of whatsapp.

      So kindly try this method,

      Sent some message to the blocked person continually. At least sent minimum 20 messages and the total 20 messages should contain more than 1500 words.
      And this must done in the same day for sending above 20 messages with more than 1500 words.

      Plz try this and sent me the reply to my email id:

  • ÇøRtêz Múkūl

    It is not working i have done it but unable to unblock myself……what else can i do…..

  • shubh-chintak

    Yupp I’ve a trick to send messages to that person who block u but in this trick u cant unblock ur self but send him/her messages
    Create a WhatsApp chat group and set a dp and give a name whatever u want
    And add the person who u want to send messages or pics and start chatting with him/her

    Soo…. I’m not sure about that trick but it works on my windows phone

    Thank you

    • Anonymous Administer

      i think you cant add that person because you r blocked now.. do it (Add your blocked number {with whom do you want to chat} and yours,) with your friends phone and give admin to your number and remove your friends number(who created the group, its ur choose.) }and then you can send massages to her../him..,

  • Rups Mane

    no this has not worked for me

  • Natasha

    does this method work for version 2.11.16 or is it dependent on the version of whatsapp that the blocker has…

  • Sitaram Pisipati

    i have deleted my account accidentally and lost all my contacts as i upgraded my android to higher version. Is there a way to get all the contacts who have blocked me?

  • Garvit Kamra

    its not working yr…………

  • melchi

    please tell if there is a way to unlock myself on someone else whatsapp new version, thank in advance

  • Avanish Dubey

    Guise I have a best way to unblock yourself from someone whatsapp account…and that is ..1 first of all go to whatsapp and delete your account ..2 then create your account by your other phone number..3 then when the whatsapp will be opened go to settings and change your Number what it was before.
    Then you are unblocked and you can check it..

    It works guise☺☺

    • Maya Arun

      i, am using whatsapp new version, am being blocked my my bf, i ve tried getting unblock deleting my account multiple times and re-installed, by changing device, but no use of any measures!! plzz plzz can u say me a way to get unblocked without changing my number, for the same number in new whatsapp versions!!! plzzz 🙁

      • Anonymous Administer

        plz read dis

    • Carol Rogeiro

      Hi can you please be more specific…create account in other device or with other phone number?? please explain !!

      • Eddy ansh

        Well I have a better way the same as avinash sayin juzz go to juzz go to 1 setting 2 account 3 change yore number follow sum simple steps nd u all set to go nd this will work in any version

  • eddy effandy

    Have another way to see the profile or unblock someone if he block me

  • Adil Fareed

    It’s not working I did this trick 6 times but still I’m block

  • Vaibhav

    Please help me out , someone has blocked me on wats app (iPhone)then I have deleted my wats app account and installed through different device , as the blocked person photo was showing in my wats app because of sync me aap gets DP from FB , Main point is that person is showing online after registering new device but if I I delete pic which came from sync me app then also it shows online but not the profile pic of wats app
    I couldn’t understand m blocked or not ?

  • Vaibhav

    Harsh pls can you help on this

  • mimi nina

    didn’t work out

  • Rohan Lopez

    In the latest whatsapp version even if you delete the account and
    uninstall app,reboot phone and and download app start from step 1 you
    still dont get unblocked any work around.

  • Harry Weaver

    It appears that the person moderating or the one who started the subject has not been fair in allowing persons to comment freely. And when no one has had their life threatened. It is honest to say what one would wish to happen if one was approached by a transgender in a ladies rest room, like my daughter, and what I would like to see happen to them, is absolutely the opinion of the individual. No direct threats were made.

  • Rubina John

    Heyy, I followed the above steps and I have not been unblocked from a number which I wwanted to.. can someone help me please?

  • Jessica

    I was blocked months ago on WhatsApp by someone. Then WhatsApp forced me to download the newest version (the update) but now I don’t think I’m blocked anymore. Does this mean installing the update of WhatsApp automatically unblocks me or does this mean the person manually unblocked me?