How to Play Youtube Videos in Background : Audio Pocket

YouTube is one of the best source to listen to all the latest songs, it has over millions of songs which you can play and listen to without any subscription. But one major problem of listening music on YouTube is that you have keep the application open! If you try to minimize it and use some other application then the music stops, also if your phone gets locked the music stops! So how to overcome this problem. We all know that Android has no limitation and it has nearly everything to help you out in almost all situation so we dug up the play store and got a solution to this problem as well.


The solution is “Audio Pocket” this application allows you to play music in the background , yes you heard it right! This application can make any video on YouTube play in your background so let’s check how it works.

How to use Audio Pocket:

  • Download this application from the link given below.
  • Once you have installed this application, go to YouTube application.
  • Select the video you want to play in background.
  • Go to share option and select “audio pocket”
  • You\’ll notice that the audio pocket application will appear on your notification bar.
  • Let it buffer for a while and you are ready to go.

This application is very useful and work perfectly without any bugs. The application can also play playlists, so you can create a playlist of your choice on YouTube and then share it with audio pocket.
The application is still in beta Verizon so you may notice some times it may not work. If something like that happens go to settings and force stop the application.



That’s all for now. Stay Tuned to watch other interesting articles on Android Tips and Tricks.