How To Make Prank Call From Your Android Smartphone Using PhoneBuster CallerIDFaker

Recently I have reviewed very unique and interesting application which you cannot resist to download like “The Money Making Application” and one in which you can makes your friends insult themselves by their own face 😛  “PHOTOSPEAK”. As you know; we bring you the amazing application and the latest news as we recently review the “Most Powerful Upcoming Smartphone”. There are many “How to” articles posted on our blog which are very useful and you’ll be amazed after each of the article as they are unique and interesting. But today I’m here to review an amazing application you can call it a trick about “How to call your friends from different number”.


Well we all wish if we could call someone from a different number isn’t it? It would be so much fun to play pranks among your friends. What if I tell you android have made your wish come true? Yes! Today I’m here to review amazing applications which possess the feature of letting you call your friends from different number. Just think of the entire prank you can play with it. Call up randomly someone from your friend’s number and then just enjoy the show. This application is named “PhoneBuster CallerIdFaker” and developed by the “app.phreak”.

Features of PhoneBuster CallerIdFaker:

  • CALL FROM DIFFERENT NUMBER– You can call your friends from different numbers without letting him know about the prank
  • EASY TO UNDERSTAND- PhoneBuster CallerIdFaker has a simple outlook which makes it easy even for a beginner  to understand the application
  • BETTER USER INTERFACE [UI]- PhoneBuster CallerIdFaker has only once screen with an option of “Caller ID” and “To” which makes it simple and better to understand
  • SELF-EXPLANATORY- PhoneBuster CallerIdFaker is a user friendly application without any major complications which makes it easy to use by all the age groups.
  • CHANGE OF VOICE – One of the key feature of this application is that it can change your voice from male to female to make the prank more realistic.


How to use PhoneBuster CallerIdFaker:

  • Download the application from the given link.
  • Open the application
  • You will see a tab with “Caller ID”; here you have to write the number FROM which you want to call
  • Then below that you’ll find “TO”; here write the number TO whom you want to call
  • You can change the voice from the menu option
  • Click Hang up to cut the call.

“This application is being scrutinized by me and I assure you it is NOT a FAKE APP”

NOTE: While calling your friend your credits will be deducted from the given 0.5 credit and not the one from whose number you are calling. You can shop for credits using the given Gateways”


  • This application runs almost under all the Android OS. It requires 1.6 and above OS
  • It is worth 13 MB and has no external downloads
  • It was latest updated on 17th March 2014
  • There are more than 100000 installs of this application
  • It can be used by people of any age group.

TIPS AND TRICKS for PhoneBuster CallerIdFaker
As there are limited credits available [0.5] at the time you download the application which will be over even in one call itself. You can prefer giving miss calls instead of calling. Giving miscall will flash their name on phone and won’t even pinch your credits. And also there are fair chances of getting caught while you call by the change in voice so miscalls are recommended


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