How to Permanently Delete Truecaller account

Truecaller is one of the most popular apps in the entire world. It is a caller ID app that shows you contact details of unknown numbers calling you. It blocks the spam calls coming to your device and it shows the caller details of the person who is calling even if they aren’t in your phone book. The biggest advantage of Truecaller is also its disadvantage. As it has all the details of the person who is calling similarly it also contains all your personal details.

For such reasons to maintain the privacy of your personal details, it is necessary that you must permanently delete Truecaller account. There are two by which you can surely remove your phone number from the database of Truecaller. If you have never registered your phone number to Truecaller you can simply unlist your number directly from the truecaller website. But if you have signed up and registered your number to Truecaller, then you will have to permanently delete Truecaller account from the app. The biggest drawback of doing this will be that you will be no longer allowed to use the app.

How to Permanently Delete Truecaller account

Step 1: Open the App and tap on the people icon on the upper left and click on Settings.

Step 2: In Settings tap on About option.

Step 3: Tap on the Deactivate Account option.

Truecaller says that they unlist your number within 24 hours after you permanently delete Truecaller account. But that is not always the case. Ask your friends whether your details are showing up or not even after a couple of days. If it still shows up even after deactivating the account, try un-listing your number from their website.

How to Remove your number from Truecaller Website

Step 1: Go to the Truecaller website.
Step 2: Visit Truecaller unlist page
Step 3: Enter your phone number with the correct country code.
For Example: +911140404040 or +919999999999.
Step 4: Tick one of the reasons for un-listing, or if you wish, type your reasons for removal in the Other form.
Step 5: Key in the verification captcha.
Step 6: Click Unlist.

Once you permanently remove your number from the Truecaller’s website it will surely stop showing your details on Truecaller. But sometimes, after a few days, it again starts showing the details. So the best thing is to keep checking with other Truecaller users. If they do not see your contact details its good. But if they see your details then you again need to unlist your number.