How to Permanently Delete MI Account in 2020 (NEW)

There may be a different reason to delete MI account from your MI device. MI account is a support that is provided by MI to its device users. As the brand is growing tremendously, its major focus is on the safety of its user. They have also locked bootloaders of their device due to security reasons and avoid a breach. MI account is just another step to avoid this from happening and keep the user data as secure as possible.


In order to delete MI account, we must first ensure that we have logged out our MI account from all our device

Steps to log out MI account from MI device –

1. Open settings in your MI Phone

2. Scroll down and select MI account from the menu

3. After entering MI account, it will show you the account details and an option to sign out from the device. After selecting the sign out option, it will ask you to enter the password to sign out effortlessly. We are now very close to delete MI account from your MI device.

Cheers! You have successfully logged out of the MI account of your mobile phone.

Now that we have logged out our MI account from our MI device, we can start the process to delete MI account.

Steps to permanently delete MI account

Note:- If you want to delete the MI account permanently then follow the steps below, remember this will also delete your sync data on MI cloud. If you have data you want in MI cloud then we advise you to take a backup and then delete MI account.

1. Go to –

2. Enter your account details and proceed to log in to your account.

3. After logging in you will be prompted with a popup giving you an intimation to delete MI account

4. MI should confirm your email address in the next step

5. MI will send a verification code on you Phone number


6. Enter the verification code and press enter

7. Press the button “Delete Account” to permanently delete MI account.


If you are facing any issues while going the process to delete your MI account then please let us know in the comment section below and we will try to help you as soon as possible. Cheers!