New Snapchat Tricks & Tips – Secret Features Revealed

There are dozen of new secret snapchat tricks which can double your experience, in this article we have mention all best tips and tricks for Snapchat to use application like a pro. Snapchat is an interesting app that allows the users to take photos and videos and then send to their friends or share a story by adding a caption or doddle in the snap. The photo will be available to your friends for 10 seconds and then it goes disappeared. But the story will be available for 24 hours. This is the basic thing about Snapchat but there are several secret features of this app about which most of the users are not aware. The secret snapchat tips and tricks are discussed here for you to use Snapchat at your best.


Snapchat New Tricks and Tips

1. Hidden settings – Shhh !

As you open Snapchat, a camera view is appeared. This is the main screen. All the new messages or snaps are visible by swiping this main screen to left. Here select the settings icon located at the top right corner to turn on various features like filters, special text, replay, power save mode and front facing flash.

2. Special text 

You can use special text in the snap to make it more attractive. First turn on the special text feature from hidden settings and you will notice a T icon on the snap. You can overlay snaps with large text by clicking on the T icon at the top right.

3. Filters

You can have access to fancy filters but turn on this feature first from hidden settings. Now go to the camera view and create a snap draft. As you swipe left or right on the snap draft it will show all the available filters such as geolocation, time, temperature, speed filters etc.

4. Get more colors

Normally when a photo is taken in the Snapchat users can add colors on the snap after taking it by tapping the pencil icon at the top right which provides access to several colors. But there is another way too using which you can have access to even more colors. You need to drag the fingers down from the sliding and move towards bottom and you will get various colors option. Also dragging the finger from right or to the top left gives huge options of colors.

5. Upload photos later

Snapchat requires the users to send snaps just after clicking it. So you do not get time to edit it. But there are some apps using which you can add filters and font in the snap before sending it to your friends. Upload n roll is such an app that helps in this.

6. Save snaps of friends without their knowledge

You can save photos of your friends in your device but when you do this the sender comes to know. There are available several third party apps like Snapkeep that keeps this photo saving process secret and the sender won’t be able to know this when you save photos of them.

7. Select the friends

The best friends list in the Snapchat is not customizable normally which include seven friends name. But you can select the friends per your choice which is unknown to most. First rename the contact by going to the My friend screen from the camera view. Choose any friend name and a drop-down box will be appeared with the score of that contact and his/her top three friends. Click on the settings menu at the right of the name and then select ‘Edit display name’ from a pop-up window. Again a pop-up window will come where you can change the friend name.


Surprised ? Well above mentioned all latest Snapchat Tricks & Tips 2015 are not so popular among snapchatters , so be the first among your friends to use this snapchat tricks and surprise them now.