How To Make Android App For Free Without Coding

Believe it or not, Android is dominating the world with its power. The users of Android is not increasing, infact it is increasing exponentially. To take the advantage of such a growing user base, it is must for business to have their Android App published on the Google Play Store.


Newbie can acquire large set of audience just by developing an Android app, but the question arises here is – How to Make Android App with any coding knowledge.

No Worries, Above Android is here to help you with this query. We are going to list here 3 ways by which you can make android app for free and also with any coding knowledge. Yes it is true, Here comes the list.

How To Make Android App for Free

Using AppYet you can create a professional Android app without any programming knowledge. It takes only take few minutes to make android app using AppYet. You just need to provide links to Rss/Atom feed or website, AppYet automatically convert it into stunning 100% pure native apps for Android. You can also Earn Ad money with embeded Ad inside the app.

AppsGeyser is an extremely successful platform to make android app that has seen, to-date, over 5.3 million apps created, collating between them over 1.6 billion app installations. It works on principle of three simple steps, they are – Select a template, create an app and Publish & Monetize. The platform AppsGeyser offers more than 50 different templates. Then you need to just customzie it as per your requirement and them publish to as many app store as you can and start earning the real money.


With Mobincube everyone can start to make android app. No coding required! Thanks to our visual interface you can easily design your App. It’s just about adding pages to your App and the rest is easy as pie: click, drag, drop, copy and paste. The best thing about Mobincube is that it offers a complete app building tool for anyone without the necessary knowledge in programming.

This were the best 3 ways to make android app for free. So what are you waiting for, Check out all this websites and start making an android app for your business and start earning the real money. Let us know of you counter with any questions in your mind.