How To Lock Whatsapp With Password Or Pattern


In the last few years, WhatsApp have evolved as a most helpful and most widely used Instant Messaging app. In addition to text messaging, users can send each other images, video, and audio media messages as well as their location using integrated mapping features. But the important issue was with the privacy of user’s information. In the recent update of WhatsApp they have given the provision to hide last seen, profile pic and status officially.

The WhatsApp provide privacy features for the users but it doesn\’t provide the security feature to the end users. There is no option in the app to have password lock or the pattern lock for the application to open. Thus, many users like you search on the web like how to lock whatsapp with password or pattern.

Features :

1. Numeric Lock.
2. Pattern Lock.
3. Waiting time to relock.
4. Hide Pattern drawing.

How to Lock WhatsApp :

1. Open the ‘WhatsApp Lock’ and setup your password or pattern.
2. Enter the security question and the answer and take a back up of it.
3. Toggle the Status to ‘ON’.

Now your WhatsApp is secured with the password or the pattern you have just entered. The developer says that “We have designed an efficient algorithm that consumes 7 times the lesser battery than other apps (approx)”.  This app also support the feature to lock the gallery with the same password or the pattern.

One the of the good feature of this app is that it asks for the security questions which you can answer at the time you forget the password / pattern. There are few common security question such as your hometown, dad’s middle name and many more. When you enter the answer and submit it, the lock whatsapp app shows you the option to email the question and the answer to yourself.

ScreenShot :


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