How to Install Paranoid Android 7.2.2 on Redmi Note 4 (Mido)

Paranoid Android has always been known for being a ROM which brings new and unique features to the table while sticking to stock Android as much as possible. It might not have as much features as Resurrection Remix, but its neat features make it something worth flashing. This post will tell you how to get Paranoid Android on the Redmi Note 4.


How to Install Paranoid Android

Installing Paranoid Android 7.2.2 on your Redmi Noe 4 phone is a quite standard process. You will need an unlocked bootloader along with TWRP recovery on your phone.

It is recommended to install the Pico or Nano versions of GApps with this ROM as other GApps versions often cause bugs and hinder the performance of the ROM

Download Paranoid Android by clicking here. Select the latest build which is the most stable. Download GApps from here. Select ARM64 under Platform, 7.1 under Android and Pico or Nano under Variant.

Thanks to developers  for bringing to this ROM to Mido users. You can go to the XDA thread by clicking here if you want to be updated with more stable builds, bug fixes and potential ETAs on the official release of the ROM

This is an unofficial build, there may be a few bugs. According to my testing, there are very few. In fact, I haven’t even detected one bug since I flashed this ROM a week ago.

To install the ROM on your Redmi Note 4 device, you need to follow the given instructions:

  • Boot into recovery by shutting down the phone and by pressing the Power Button+Volume Key.
  • Once booted into recovery, take a backup (completely optional)
  • Go into the Install section of the recovery and select the location where you have downloaded the ROM. Always keep the ROM and GApps in the SD Card or USB-OTG.
  • Select the ROM and swipe to install.
  • Once done, go back to the home page of the recovery and go to the Wipe Section. From there, factory reset your phone
  • Now go back to the install section and install GApps.
  • Everything is ready now! Make sure to flash SuperSU only after the first boot.

Quick Run-Through

The ROM itself is very identical to stock Android. Paranoid Android retains its classic features such as the Immersive Mode, Pie Controls, In-Built Theme Engine which cannot be found on many ROMs. Paranoid Android is also very famous for its camera app which claims to be feature filled but I found it to be very outdated in design and not quite the attraction.


If the Mido gets official builds for this ROM, then it can easily be one of the best Resurrection Remix or LineageOS alternatives for this phone.