How to Install Chrome Extension On PC Using Mobile OS

As we all know, Chrome has thousands of interesting Extension on its Web Store. Many people desperately want to install this extension on their Personal Computer. However, Web Store feature was introduced by Google. Users can select chrome extension from Web Store and by clicking on a button, you can install the extension on their computer. But now with your smartphone, you can remotely install Google Chrome extensions to your PC.


With any smartphone, you can install chrome extension on PC. It’s very simple process, where you have to visit an extension’s Web Store page on your phone. Then it will provide you two options i.e sharing it with a friend via e-mail or social media and add it to your Desktop. After signing in to Chrome on PC, it will show a pop-up alert for installing this extension.

How to add a Chrome Extension using Mobile:

  • With Signed in Google account on your smartphone’s browser. Visit Web store on your smartphone and select any extension of your choice.
  • Once selected, you will see the Add to Desktop button.
  • After clicking the Add to Desktop button, it will pop-up window which will inform you that the extension will be installed on any PC where you’re signed in to Chrome.
  • Now the new extension will directly installed on PC after signed in to chrome. If already the extension is install then the button will say Added to Desktop.
  • Once extension installed, the menu icon on Chrome will start o turn orange instead of the usual black. It is similar to when you receive an alert for your extension when it was disabled or needs new permissions.
  • Later click on the menu icon and the drop down menu which will notify you that the extension is remotely install.
  • For Security measure, the extension will be directly installed but not enabled. In short, it needs your permission for enabling the extension.

For Enabling, just you have to click at the top of the drop-down menu. Then a pop-up screen will appear to you, where you can choose to enable or remove the extension. Now your extension is ready to use on your PC.

The only issue with this feature is that you cannot browse the Chrome Web Store from your smartphone and install any extension remotely. If you still try to visit Chrome Web Store from Chrome for Android, it will provide you a message saying that operating system will not support. So you can visit extension page from Google search or another source.


With another source, you are able to install extensions. However, the process of installing chrome extension remotely is not easy as you think. Do try this trick and let us know your feedback in our comment section below.