How To Install Android M Developer Preview on Nexus 5, 6 or 9

Today Google announced its new version of Android which is named as Android M at Google I/O 2015. The Android M Developer Preview images are made live now and the lucky Nexus 5, Nexus 6, Nexus 9 and Nexus Player users will get the opportunity to Install the Android M very first and try it. The App Permissions, Web User Experience, App Links, Mobile Payment, Fingerprint Support, Power and Charging are main area of developments for Android M.


Google States that : “Warning: The following Android system images are previews and are subject to change. Your use of these system images is governed by the Android SDK Preview License Agreement. The Android preview system images are not stable releases, and may contain errors and defects that can result in damage to your computer systems, devices, and data. The preview Android system images are not subject to the same testing as the factory OS and can cause your phone and installed services and applications to stop working.”

The Google have warned you, but the good news is that the Android M developer preview is not much buggy and you can use it normally and also uninstall the Android M preview and go back  to factory settings following few steps. So without wasting much time, let me start the tutorial with Step by Step Guide on How to install Android M.

Steps On How To Install Android M on Nexus 5, 6 and 9

[alert variation=”alert-warnin”]Note : Take Complete Back Up of your Device[/alert]

 1.  Update the Drivers.
Make sure that your computer have the latest USB drivers for the Nexus 5 , Nexus 6 or Nexus 7. You can also download and install the USB drivers from here.

2.  Download Minimal ADB and Fastboot
To install Android M, you need to download the minimal 2MB installer from this XDA thread which includes the Android ADB and fastboot tools. Its is the best and fast way to install Android M rather than to install the whole Android SDK.

3. Download the Android M Image File
Now download the appropriate Android M Developer Preview image file. Please take a note that you download the image file of your Nexus device only. The image will be downloaded in a .tgz format, and you will need an extractor utility like WinRAR or 7-zip to extract the files from the archive. Extract the files to the same folder that contains the Android  Minimal ADB and Fastboot tools. Download image file from here (Nexus 5, Nexus 6 and Nexus 7).

Direct Download Link :

  • Nexus 5 Android M Update
  • Nexus 6 Android M Update
  • Nexus 9 Android M Update

4. Enable USB Debugging
Make your Nexus device enable for USB Debugging. Go to Setting, then scroll down to About phone at the bottom, then go to Build number and tap on it for 7 times.  This tapping will enable the developer options, which aren’t displayed from start in Android 4.2 and later. In the Developer options menu, enable USB debugging.

5. Go to Fastboot Mode
Now power off your phone  and then hold down both volume buttons and the power button to boot the handset into Fastboot mode. This will let you  to install Android M into your smartphone.6. Unlock the Bootloader
If your Bootloader is in the Locked state, then connect your device to computer via USB cable and open the minimal ADB and Fastboot folder. Now press Shift + Right Click to get Open Command Window option, then click on it. You will get a Command Window there. First check whether your device is connected to the system or not, to do so type – “fastboot devices” in the command window and press enter.If your device is connected, it will show your device over there.

Now to unlock Bootloader type – “fastboot oem unlock” and press enter, this will show a screen on your device asking for your permission to unlock the bootloader.  Note : Unlocking boot-loader will void your warranty and erase all your apps and data. With the help of volume key buttons, select Yes and press the power button. It will take about 30 seconds to unlock your bootloader and it will show the LOCK STATE as UNLOCKED.

7. Install Android M
This is the final step to install Android M, now open the folder which contains the firmware files and double click on the “flash-all.bat”  file. It will take about 4-5 minutes to wipe, download and install the new firmware into your nexus device. Once it is complete, your phone will reboot with Android M in place.

8. Yuppie , Android M is installed
The installation process is done, now the device will take few minutes to boot for the first time with the new amazing boot animation. Fill up all the details to recover all the apps and data into your new Android M Nexus device.

9. Lock the Bootloader (Optional)
Just for the security concern, go back to the fastboot mode and connect your device to your computer and open the command window in the way which you did for the step 6. Now type -“fastboot oem loc” and hit enter. Locking the bootloader won’t wipe any data, but if you unlock it again, it will erase the device of all user data and settings.


Tha’s it, your now running your Nexus 5 , Nexus 6 or Nexus 7 on the newly installed Android M version and your safe to use after locking the bootloader. Also share this tutorial on How to Install Android M to your friends. If you don’t understand any of the steps or face any difficulty comment us below or ping us on any social network. After installing the new Android M also share your experience of using it in the comment box below. Android Rocks 🙂