How To Utilize Your Old Or Outdated Android Smart Phone

Today the major problem of youngsters is wishing to have the latest updated Smart phone. Phones are becoming more better and powerful day by day. You can’t say that you have the latest phone. If you have a Smartphone of a year ago, it is of no use there are many changes in OS, Graphics, Size of the mobile and many more.


So today I am going to give you some tips and trick by which you can do smart utilization even with your old android smart phone. You just need to download some applications which will add a WOW!! to your Smartphone.

Way Utilize Your Old Or Outdated Android Smart Phone

1. WiFi Hot spot.

You can use your android phone as a wifi hotspot and use internet on your other mobile devices and laptop. Android system already has a integrated virtual wifi which is really helpful in Internet Sharing.

Using you phone for internet sharing is a smart idea, you can utilize this feature of your phone. You can even get the connectivity on the go, In your car as well.

2. GPS and Navigation

You can even use your phone for navigation and GPS purposes . It is the best way to utilize your phone. Android phone is powered via Google Maps and Navigation is just amazing.

If you are planning a road trip you must have an android phone for navigation. There is no need for any native app. Android has build in A-GPS and navigation apps.

3. Remote Server

Yes my dear friends, now you can make your android smartphone act like a server. The free app Servers Ultimate is an ambitious project that brings pretty much every server-based protocol to your Android phone, turning it into an HTTP(S), DLNA, DDNS, IRC, FTP, POP3 serving master. This is very geeky – and not for technological lightweights – but works a treat.

4. Remote IP Webcam

IP Webcam is a neat free app that turns your Android device into a handy IP-based webcam, so you can connect to it from another Android device or any network computer using a browser, or even Skype.

It supports audio and a host of clever features such as streaming to VLC. If you’re after a cheap Wi-Fi IP camera, this certainly does the trick.

5. Giveaway / Donate

This is something I personally suggest. If you are a blogger or Online entrepreneur. You can  giveaway your phone. It can increase your blog traffic and number of subscriber. Beside throwing your phone in the trash you can donate it to someone who is needy.You can use OLX and Quikr like site to giveaway your phone. Donating you phone to someone will make both of you happy.These were some tips and great ways which you can use to make most of your Old or outdated android smart phone. Do share which smartphone you use via comments below.