How to Use Android Device Manager – Find Lost Phone

Google’s Android Device Manager lets you trace your missing, stolen or lost android phones. This Google service that help tracing your lost device with Google all-in-one account is not popular among droid smartphone users, so today we at Above Android here to share about how to use android device manager to find lost, missing phone. HTC, Samsung, Sony, Micromax, LG and many other phone running on android platform can be locate using below step to trace your lost or missing smartphone.


Best thing about this tracing feature is that there is no need to install any app on your android device. Inbuilt feature of android smartphone lets you locate your device, but the only thing required is

1. Active Internet Connection
2. Connected Google Account
3. Enabled Android Device Manager ( allowed by default )
4. Allowed Android device manager to lock phone and erase data ( disabled by default )

Just in case if you don’t have access to any computer or laptop , you can install android device manager android app from here on other available android phone or go to here from browser to locate your device.


1. Download ADM app from here  or simply go to here

2. Sign in to Google Account ( one you used on your missing device)

3. Click on Locate device button ( as seen in below image with green box marking )

4. After getting location of device you can ring remotely, lock device remotely and can erase data from device.

Current Location – Surat, India

It will display all the information about your smartphone, If your screen fail to shows any locations data, there might be high chance that internet connection on your device is off, or thief has turned off your phone, or even Android device manager in not active on your device.

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