How To Update Sony Xperia L To Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean

Sony has finally started seeding Android v4.2.2 for Sony Xperia L user (C2104 and C2105). This update is a major upgrade for the device affecting the whole system performance and the whole new user interface of the device. There’s a lot of things in this update for the Xperia L user. After the firmware update the Build version is 15.3.A.0.26. This Update include many new features like the new Walkman application, redesigned album, movies application, Daydream which is like screen-saver and finally the onscreen touch keys are transparent. The update is about 700mb in size.


Sony Xperia L

How To Get Sony Xperia L Update?

You can update the phone firmware by OTA (over the air) or by using Sony PC Companion:


  • Connect to a High Speed wifi or 3G Network
  • If there is a notification detail regarding the firmware update then go to Settings > About phone > Software update > Check updates
  • Or drag the notification bar down and click on the firmware update notification

Note :  Make Sure u take backup of all necessary data of yours and your device is plugged in for Charging so that you don’t run out of charge.

Sony PC Companion

  • You will need a Computer with Internet Connection, USB data Cable, Sony PC Companion software and the phone itself with at least 50 percent charging.
  • Install Sony PC Companion on your Computer
  • Connect the phone using the USB data Cable make sure you have at least 50 percent of Charge
  • Let the USB drivers to be installed completely before updating your device.
  • After all the driver being install you will receive a notification regarding the update click on the notification follow the instruction

Note :  The Phone will take time for its first boot because of the freshly downloaded Android.

Change log in the new firmware of Android v4.2.2

Certainly there are many changes in the new firmware including the Daydream option added in the Display setting, the new lock screen with scroll left for widget and right for camera. Here is the list of the whole changes in the firmware.

  • New home screen UI, you can add up to 7 window panes now.
  • Add more widgets in home screen and lock screen.
  • Bug fixes and performance enhancements.
  • Superior auto mode (auto scene recognition) and Burst Mode feature added in Camera interface.
  • Better photo quality.
  • Updated Sony Media apps.
  • Small apps accessible from home screen.
  • Improved search and app sorting now.
  • New Keyboard added.
  • Transparent dock at the bottom part on home screen.
  • False memory notification bug is rectified.
  • Day Dream feature added in display settings.

So, there are many new things but there are some problems also the camera sometimes lags when focusing, pictures in low light are really bad. Over exposed photos, poor focus on moving object.

Here are some screenshots of the updated firmware: