How To Take A Slow Motion Video In Android

As the name of the topic suggests, today I’m here with an amazing trick of “how to edit a normal video into a slow motion video”. Well editing a picture is quite normal as there are thousands of application available on the market, we had also written an article on “BEST 5 EDITING APPLICATIONS”. But editing a video is quite a new thing. Some recently launched Smartphones have the feature of taking a slow motion video in build but what about others? Today we are here to show you how to take a Slow motion video or make any of your video a Slow motion video. Let me directly get to the steps of HOW TO edit a video into slow-motion video.


Steps to transform a Normal Video into  Slow Motion Video:

Step 1 : Install the ReAction Application from the Google Play Store.

Step 2 : Load a video from your phone which you want to edit by clicking the plus icon at the left side of the application screen.

Step 3  : After the video is loaded completely select the area or part which you want to make slow by sliding the bar below as shown in the image below.

Step 4 : Select a proper effect which suits your video there are 3 various types of effect. One is free where as other two are paid.


Step 5 : That’s it your own slow motion video is ready all you need is to click a play sign.

Q. Why people with Smartphones which has In-build slow-motion feature should use this application?

People using a Smartphone which has Slow-motion feature can also use this application as this application does not make your whole video a slow-motion video but only the part which you have selected to be in slow-motion.This is a benefit of this application as seeing the whole video in slow-motion is kind off boring.

That’s it you have completed to edit your own supercool slow-motion video with just few clicks. Well you might think why do you need to edit a video in slow motion, but believe me editing a video in slow motion makes it unique. You can try it out by yourself and comment below your experience. Editing is as simple as explained in steps above. You can watch the official video of this application and see how cool just a slow-motion effect can make to your video.

This was about how to get a video edited into slow motion video. You can comment below if you have any queries in following the steps. Keep tuned with above android to learn such amazing stuffs.