How To Switch From Dalvik To ART Runtime For Android 4.4 Devices

One of the amazing features of Android 4.4 was a new runtime called ART runtime which should eventually replace the Dalvik runtime. The new Android Runtime which is ART, promises to cut out a substantial amount of overhead by losing the baggage imposed by Dalvik Runtime.

Android Run Time, ART is a new way to execute the apps on top of the Android operating System. “ART is a new Android runtime being introduced experimentally in the 4.4 release KitKat. This is a preview of work in progress in KitKat. It is available for the purpose of obtaining early developer and partner feedback.” – Android developers.

You can also say that ART is still and ongoing project. But now it have been lots of months and major of the application runs smoothly on this new Android Run time. The time when it was new the Android apps such WhatsApp , Titanium Backup and many more were not running properly. Infact all the time I open WhatsApp it used to get crash. At that time I switched back to Dalvik Runtime.

Now almost all the apps are supported in ART runtime and many developers and the organization have updated their apps to run smoothly in this new ART runtime. ART works on the logic of AOT – Ahead Of Time where as Dalvik runtime works on logic of JIT – Just In Time.

How To Switch From Dalvik To ART Runtime

Step 1 : Go to Setting option of Your Smartphone.

Step 2 : Now Go to Developer Options.

Step 3 : Over there you can see “Select Runtime” which is 4th from top.

Step 4 : Select the option – “Use ART”.

Step 5 : You are done, the phone will restart now and all the apps will be upgraded.

Soon the Android Run Time will be fully functioning with the upcoming versions of Android which might be Android 4.5 or the Android 5.  So this was all about the ART and if you having any questions about it, fire it up on the comment section below.