How To Solve Google Playstore Errors – Download Problems

To solve Google playstore errors or download problems in playstore might turn to nightmare, but it is easy as a piece of cake. Simple few steps can help to solve downloading problems in android playstore. You might have come across the situation when you see a useful app but face issues while downloading. The most common Google play store app downloading errors and their solution is explained here.


Google Playstore Errors & Solution

Google play store error DF-BPA-09:

Most of the android Smartphone users have faced this error during downloading an app from play store.

Solution: First go to the settings > Application >All > Google service framework and then select ‘clear data’, OK. This might solve the problem.

The other way to solve the issue is to download the same app in your pc from the Google play site and then try downloading the app in your phone. The problem will be fixed then.

Google play store error 495

This problem also occurs while downloading an app.

Solution: Clear data from Google play store by going to settings > Application >All > Google play store > clear data > OK. Clear data from Google service framework also in the same way.

The second method is to delete and re-add the Google account by the process settings > Account > Add account > Google account. Reboot the phone before re-adding the Google account.

Google play store error 491

Downloading and updating any app become impossible due to this error.

Solution: First delete the Google account by going to settings > Account > Delete > Remove account. Next reboot the phone and then re-add the same Google account again.

Another way to get rid of the problem is to clear data by going to settings > Application > All > Google service framework > clear data and then select Force stop.

Google play store error 498

Downloading of any app is interrupted due to this error.

Solution: This problem occurs when the phone gets full with cache data. So first delete all the unneeded apps and files, then restart the phone in recovery mode by pressing the power, home and volume buttons altogether. This mode provides various options and you can wipe cache partition by navigating through the volume button.

Google play store error 919

Apps get downloaded successfully but then they can’t be opened.

Solution: If there is not enough space then you are supposed to face this error. So in order to make some spaces delete the unneeded music, videos, apps and other things that are not used.

Next clear data and cache from Google play store by going to the settings in your phone.

Google play store error 413

This error does not allow downloading or updating any app in the play store.

Solution: First clear data from Google play store and then Force stop. Next clear cache from Google service Framework and finally do the same for internet browser also.

Google Play Store Error 403

Downloading is impossible and it shows that request is forbidden. This problem usually occurs when two Google accounts are used to buy the app from a single device.

Solution: Erase the entire search history by going to settings > clear search history from your phone and then try re-load ing the app. The second method is to delete the proxy by going to settings > More networks > Mobile networks > APN

and then select clear proxy options. Also you can create a new Google account and try to download the app using this account.

Basically, the best solution for majorly above listed problems in android playstore or while downloading apps from playstore is clearing cache files. With the help of this article, we hope you were able to solve Google playstore error or downloading errors. Just in case, if you still facing the issue with playstore. Do comment below your downloading problem also add screenshot of error. Above Android team will love to solve problems for you.