How To Remove Picasa And Dropbox Album From Android Gallery

Do you get annoyed when you search for the picture or a video and you didn’t find it easily due to all extra images added into your gallery by Picasa Web Album for the Dropbox Instant Upload. Don’t you feel to delete all of them from the gallery or hide it from there. You might also get the thought that it would delete the images from the web also, then what should you do to hide  or delete  picasa dropbox  albums from gallery.
This two things that is Picasa and Dropbox make your gallery loaded with lots of unnecessary albums and pics and makes it difficult for you to find the important picture when you are in need of it.
Here are the few simple steps that would hide the images and albums from the gallery and also wont delete them from the respective server.


Step 1 : Stop Syncing Activity
The first step to do the following task is to stop syncing activity, it can be done by going to settings option and then to accounts sub-heading – where it will display which all accounts are being sync regularly with the phone. Then Select Google Account or The Dropbox account , after it go to the syncing accounts and over there a long list will be displayed of all the activities that are being synced with the smartphone. Over there go to the last option which will be the “Sync Picasa Web Albums” – You need to uncheck it. You need to do the same for Dropbox also.
Step 2 : Clear Gallery Data
Dear friends now the second step is to clear the gallery data and the cache. Now the syncing of Albums is stopped so the new albums will not be displayed, but we need to remove the old albums which were already synced. To do this we need to go to the Setting -> Application Manager -> All apps -> Gallery. Now this screen like this will display and then you need to just tap on the Clear Data and Clear Cache.
Step 3 : Open The Gallery
Guys, the two important steps are done now, the simple thing which is left now is to open the gallery and refresh it. Refreshing it will display all the albums and images which are present on the external card or internal memory. Now you are done with the steps and you have successfully removed Picasa and Dropbox album from the Gallery.
So we are done with steps and now the question is Do you prefer to have the Picasa and Dropbox album in your smartphone gallery and make your gallery loaded with lots of unnecessary albums and pics OR just follow this steps and make your gallery simpler and easy to use and find the images.