How To Keep Your Smartphone Safe In Monsoon [Tips]

Well, I know not every one of is owning a Smartphone called Sony Xperia Z, so its important to keep your device safe from water specially in monsoon. And it is a boom start for Monsoon in India so, protecting your smartphone in monsoon is vital because moisture in device or wet phone simply means emptying your pockets.

Some times you may forget to ensure to protect your smartphone device while leaving your home or office on rainy day, Am i right? Yes… Alright so here it is

Waterproofing Tips To Keep Your Phone Safe In Monsoon

1. Zip Lock Plastic Bags:
One of the  most common used stuff to protect your phone in rain, just because it is flexibly in use, as you can even access your touch screen device through plastic cover, even camera can be used no need to take off plastic bag, also you can answer call even if your are standing in rain. Isn’t it awesome? yeah! so don\’t forget to get this cool stuff
2. Hands-Free/Bluetooth Can Do Wonder:
This can be a great way to stay connected with your device even in heavy rainfall, just you need to do is keep a old  raggedy pair of hands-Free or a Bluetooth Device, this can help you to maintain you smartphone moist free. Using a Bluetooth device may increase you fun as it wireless unlike Hands-free. Also it can be helpful in answering calls without touching your smartphone
3. Waterproof Covers For Smartphone:
Owning a Waterproof covers for you device can be best alternative, as it look like normal cover but works like raincoat for your device. Although it is not available for all devices. But you can get it from some of the  online store. Best part of using this is that you can use it in daily life unlike other opt. As it looks like simple Mobile cover and it keeps your mobile device safe, secure and dry

4. Avoid Charging:
Charging your wet device can be harmful, Check all the ports are dry before charging your device, wet internal part can lead short circuit. Always avoid switching on your device when it seems wet. If your phone is wet I’ll advice you to just keep it in a dry place for some hours where it gets sunlight and then charge your phone happily.

I believe all of the smartphone user specially all the Above Android readers are smart enough to use above mentioned tips to keep smartphone safe, secure, and water free. If you have some another tips on this topic  or this article have helped you a lot then do share with us by commenting below and also become helpful to others.