How To Increase Android Battery Life : Battery Saving Tips

I often heard that ” My phone battery dies faster than a black guy in horror movie”. Haahaa well that sound like Gag, but however its a bitter truth. We cannot  ignore that today smartphone is a part of our daily routing, probably sometime it works more than you, isn’t it? Yes it does from alarm to to-do-list , from emails to entertainment , from browsing to streaming.


So its time to do something for you battery, start saving it without installation of any application. you just need to do is follow below posted steps, and enjoy the results

1. Deactivate Wi-Fi / Data Connection when not needed :
Many of us forgets to switch off data connection or Wi-Fi when it is not in use and it results in draining of battery. This is the one of the main reason which sinks your battery with a high speed. Without Wifi or Data Connection your android phone battery can last for few days.

2. Change brightness as situation demands :
Well that is one another major reason to cutting down your battery life, it is adviced to decrease your smartphone screen brightness specially in dark ( also can be good for your eyes). Users can also opt to select auto brightness mode, which changes the brightness of your phone according to the light surrounding you

3. Upload and Sync stuff only on Wi-Fi :
Sometime uploading and synchronizing can take long time, can be said as a battery eater. Upload and Sync done with Wi-Fi results in saving battery life. Turn off instant upload of Dropbox, Google Plus etc , this will surely help you in increasing the battery life of your smartphone.

4. Uninstall unnecessary application :

Yeah it is vital to remove unwanted application as they uses RAM which may again leads to reduce phone battery. thus it is advice to delete unwanted application. Specially remove all high RAM consuming apps which you don\’t use frequently. It is also recommended to clear RAM regularly.
5. Switch off GPS :
Turn off your GPS when not is use , it is not necessary to keep your GPS on, unless you are using navigation, or sending someone your location. Even your data network or mobile network can give a precised location of yours.

6. Have a strong mobile network :
Yeah thats sounds crazy, but is said by many technical people, Simply flipping your phone 45 degree on your desk might make the battery life last long ( I personally experienced ). This is something weird but a stable network connection save your battery and usage.


7. Keep you phone cool :
Similar to man’s mind, battery also works efficiently in cool temperature, but here is the problems for “HOT CHICKS” Sorry we cant help you out. 🙂

This were the few tips or tweaks to enhance your android smartphone battery life. Do follow them and give us your experience in the comment section. And at last if this work for your smartphone then a simple like or share or tweet is must.