How To Clear Or Change The Default Application For Android SmartPhone

Have you ever wonder that Android has so many super fantastic features with it and we are just aware about few of them. Today we are going to tell you one of the best feature of android as it came as a problem for one of the member of Above Android Group on Facebook. He posted that :


[quote align=”e.g. center, left, right” color=”#999999″]I want to change the default application for opening a link from my twitter app, how to do it. Please help me out[/quote]

This problem may occur with many users as they select a single application as their default application. So here is the solution

Change default application for your android smartphone

Android users do lots of task with their smart phone such as editing pictures, uploading pictures, opening links, downloading something and much more. There are number of android apps for each task which I mentioned above. So many time you get installed lots of app for a single task and then system pop up the option to select any app and use it once or always, when you select always the system makes that app as a default app for that task to perform.

If by-mistaken you have selected a wrong app as default application to perform that task then you need it to change it as fast as possible. You just need to follow the few step and you can get your work done.

First go to Menu –> Settings –> Applications —> Select Your Application –> Tap on Clear Defaults Button .

Or Else we can also use an application called Default App Manager Lite to select various default apps for various function that are performed on the smart phone. This app gives you authority to select default apps for music, browsing, calender, camera etc.

This are the simple step to solve the problem. The User Interface may change according to the Android version but the steps remains the same. How the problem of this one Above Android user will help lots of other readers to know this amazing feature of the Amazing Android. For any issue or problem related to Android, post it on Above Android Group , Facebook Page

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