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How To Add Multiple Google Accounts in GMail App For Android

How To Add Multiple Google Accounts in GMail App For Android

by Abhishek VoheraJanuary 27, 2014

It have been just few days when the Google have updated the GMail android app to the version of 4.7.2 and today I felt to add all my email accounts to GMail app rather than using any other email client. So the tutorial for today is based on “How To Add Multiple Google Accounts in GMail App for Andoird”.


In previous versions of the Gmail app, all one would wish to do is go into the settings menu within the application to feature a brand new Gmail account. That option is currently missing fully, and once a good 5 minutes of looking and second-guessing myself, I found that you just can not add a brand new Gmail account among the app. Luckily, it’s straightforward enough to add a brand new account to Gmail, however you won’t find it within the application.

Thus there is nothing to do withing the GMail app for adding the email accounts. So Staying Focus, I am describing the few steps to Add Multiple Google Accounts in GMail App for Andorid.

1. Go to System Settings then My Accounts and then select Add Account.
2. After performing the step one, Now you need to select to add a Google Account, as GMail is service of Google.
3. Now it ask to continue with existing accout or make a new accout, so for existing accounts you need to add the email id and password and click Sign In.
4. Once your are signed in, it will ask you which all service to be synced with this account to your smartphone.
5. Select the service and press Next. (Note :  If you need to add only GMail Account then select only Gmail)
6. Finish

gmail how to gmail how to
gmail how to Multiple Google Accounts in GMail App

This was all about Adding Multiple Google Accounts in GMail App for Android, Still if any of you get issue while performing this steps than leave your comment in the comment box below, we will be back to you within few hours. For many such tutorials stay connected to Above Android.

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  • Thanks a lot for this info, this is really a helpful and informative article for me

  • TJ Crace

    Hi. I have tried multiple time to add an additional email account and every time I always get a sync error. ‘sync is currently experiencing problems’ I have deleted and added the account about 5 time, including performing your instructions. Something with imap vs pop maybe? Wrong combination of sync features? Can anyone

  • MohammadWasiullah

    I have successful to add multiple gmail accounts, but i failed to add yahoo account by using built-in “email” app will you help me how can i configure yahoo mail in my android mobile without download any other app.