How To Get iPhone X Features On Android Device

The iPhone X has been one of the most talked about phones this year. The iPhone X brings a lot of new features and an all-new design. However, when I actually had a look at those features, I discovered that one could easily get them on an Android phone. Here is how my $200 Android phone can do what the $1000 iPhone X can.



FaceID can unlock one’s phone by registering their face. Android has had the same feature for years. One can go to Settings>Security>Smart Unlock and then choose the Trusted Face option. As a bonus, one can also unlock their Android devices using their voice as well. And of course, most Android phones still have a fingerprint scanner. The all new swipe up feature is also on all Android phones.

Many may argue with this by saying that the method is quite inaccurate, but I can easily counter those arguments by the fact that the iPhone X costs $800 more.

The Notch On The iPhone

The notch on the top of the iPhone X has been the butt of all smartphone memes this year. However, one can also get that notch on Android. An app known as XOutOf10 lets you do so. Enjoy a brand new smartphone that’s *top-notch* (get it?).

Rounded Corners

The iPhone X also has rounded corners. However, this has been on various Android phones from last year as well as this year such as the Xiaomi Mi Mix, Samsung Galaxy S8, LG G6 etc.

You can also get rounded corners on your phone by downloading an app known as rounded corners.

Bonus Features

There are a lot of features on Android which the iPhone X just got. Wireless charging dates back to more than 4 years ago with the launch of the Nexus 4 being one of the major phones to introduce it. Glass bodies have also been on smartphones for years.


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