How to Get Free UC in PUBG Mobile in 2020

Hello PUBG lovers!!! It seems like you have been searching for free UC in PUBG Mobile. If you are not able to get the correct way to get free UC then don’t worry, we are here with different solutions for you to get Unknown Cash by doing easy and simple steps. Though there is an easy way to Buy UC in PUBG Mobile using Paytm or any other payment gateway, it is not affordable for everyone to purchase UC. Hence people are searching to get a solution to get free UC in PUBG Mobile.


What is UC in PUBG Mobile?

Unknown Cash, also known as UC is the in-game currency used in PUBG Mobile. Installation of PUBG Mobile is completely free but it has in-app purchases like passes, costumes, accessories, etc. In order to buy these things, the player needs to have a sufficient amount of UC. The players can purchase the UC buy paying money through an online gateway like Paytm, Freecharge, Netbankinh, etc. As it is not possible for everyone to afford UC by paying money, there are few ways by which players can get UC for free in PUBG Mobile

Get Free UC in PUBG Mobile

You might find that various websites might be telling you various tricks to get free UC in PUBG Mobile. But before practicing any of the tricks make sure it is not spam or an illegal one. Not all the methods are the fake ones or the illegal ones, there are few legal ways to get Free UC in PUBG Mobile. So here we go.

1. Free UC in PUBG Mobile: Using Google Opinion Rewards

In Google Opinion Rewards, the users are rewarded with Google Play Credits. The users are rewarded for answering various surveys. The number of surveys is not fixed. It varies from person to person but it is an amazing way to get rewards and later you can use those credits on Play Store or for in-app purchases.

How to Get Free UC Using Google Opinion Rewards?

Step 1: Install Google Opinion Rewards and log in.

Install the app from the Google Playstore and Launch the app. Once the app is launched, login in with your email address in order to get registered.

Step 2: Answer the Surveys

Once you are logged in, start surveying various questions. Surveys typically take less than 20 seconds. One thing I would like to clear over here is that Google will not pay you for your first few surveys. As you will regularly start surveying through the app, then Google will start paying you for each survey.

Step 3: Open PUBG Mobile

After regularly answering the surveys, a nice amount of money will be collected in your Google Play Credit. Now open PUBG Mobile and go to Purchase UC section. Purchase the Unknown Cash for the amount that you have collected using Google Opinion Rewards. Make sure that you select Google Play Balance as the Mode of Payment.

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2. Free UC in PUBG Mobile: PUBG Events

PUBG Mobile organizes weekly events for its players to earn UC. These events include various tasks and missions for players that need to be completed in order to earn 10-50 UC. It is an amazing way for players who are even beginners in the game. The game hosts around 5 to 6 events in a week.

3. Free UC in PUBG Mobile: PUBG Bonus Challenges

PUBG offers various bonus challenges in the game so that players can get a way to earn UC for free. This challenges are the perfect way to test the skills and abilities of a player for which they are rewarded with battle coins. This battle coin can be exchanged with UC for free.



So these were the various ways of legally getting Free UC in PUBG Mobile. There are many websites who claim to provide free UC illegaly or apps for UC Generator. Don’t fall into such things. They are just scams and it might also take you in trouble. If you have any querry regarding any of the above mentioned methods then let us know in the comment section below. Now go and earn free UC in PUBG Mobile using above mentioned methods.