How to Get Android P Rotation on Any Smartphone

At Google IO 2018 developer conference, Google has announced Android P Beta for some devices. The Android P comes with tons of new features along with Screen Rotation button on the bottom of the smartphone. Android already has the rotate button in a quick setting menu which allow you to set screen rotation between portrait and landscape mode. But using Android P Rotation is simply awesome.


Many people want to try Android P Screen Rotation feature on their smartphone. But Android P is still in beta stage and available on selected smartphones. If the user wants to try this screen rotate feature and don’t know how to do so. Then we at Above Android is here for you with one of the amazing apps know as Android P Rotation.

With Android P Rotation app, you can rotate your smartphone screen and lock it using a button which is available at the bottom of the app. The rotate button will help users for those time when they want to see current screen content in the landscape mode.

How to use Android P Rotation app:

  • First, download and install Android P Rotation app from Play Store.
  • Open the app, and toggle on the button which is available in the top right corner of the app.
  • After enabling, screen rotation button will appear on the left bottom corner of the app.
  • That’s it after clicking on Suggestion button, you can choose whether to stay in portrait or Landscape mode.

After installing the Android P Rotation app, by default, the phone’s rotation is locked in portrait mode. However, if you flip the smartphone screen in landscape mode, then the app will show rotation button. By Tapping on it, your screen orientation will flip and lock it until you rotate back into portrait mode.

In addition, the app offers various color options which are applicable for suggestion button. Along with color options, the app offers you to choose the position of Suggestion button which includes Top-Left, Top-Right, Bottom-Left and Bottom Right. By default, the position of suggestion button is set to the Bottom-left corner. The app also offers opacity option for suggestion button which can be set as per your need.

Moreover, with Android P Rotation app, you can set the orientation for each app. For setting orientation for a particular app, it provides three options like System, Landscape, and Portrait. But for now, this orientation feature for each app is not free.


You can download Android P Rotation app for free, directly from Google Play Store. Do download this app and try Android P like screen rotation feature. Let us know your feedback in our comment section below.

Download Android P Rotation App From Here