How to get Android Oreo/LineageOS 15 on the Redmi Note 4

This is a quick tutorial on how to get Android Oreo on your Redmi Note 4 along with its first impressions. Now note that this is a pre-alpha unofficial build of LineageOS 15. The ROM has loads of bugs and is barely usable. However, if you want a taste of Android Oreo on your phone, then go ahead with the process.

Installation Guide

The ROM installation process is a bit different from the regular ones used to flash Mido ROMs. The pre-requisites include having an unlocked boot-loader along with TWRP recovery installed onto the device. Here is what you need to do:

  1. Taking a backup before flashing is very important. You can use the inbuilt TWRP backup feature to do so
  2. You need to strictly flash the ROM first. Do not factory reset the phone.The ROM can be downloaded by clicking here. You can also click here to go to the XDA thread to stay updated with the development of the ROM.
  3. You cannot flash GApps as of now or even do a factory reset, because it will conflict with the software to a point that it’s rendered useless.

You can also refer to a video guide in case these instructions aren\’t detailed enough:

Once you have followed all these steps, you will be greeted by the LineageOS 15 boot animation. This is the same as LineageOS 14 boot animation. The first boot takes up a lot of time, as seen in most devices. However, the boot time decreases effectively after the first boot. Once the ROM boots up, we straight up see the home screen. The setup process doesn’t come up because we haven’t installed GApps. The icons also look quite strange because the developers were in a hurry to complete the ROM and ignored small things.

Let us now have a look at the ROM itself. For convenience, the next segment is divided into two parts, what works and what doesn’t.

What Doesn’t Work

What doesn’t work on the ROM is Bluetooth and your SIM card. Do not even make the mistake of turning them on or else the ROM will be unusable. You cannot also install GApps. The number and symbols section of the keyboard doesn’t work too! You’ll have to type numbers by long pressing on the upper alphabet keys. The fingerprint scanner doesn’t work as well.

What Works on LineageOS 15

However, the ROM does have Android 8 elements such as the light green/teal-ish material white theme along with the Android 8 status bar which I think looks quite unique. And of course, that Oreo logo for bragging rights. The wi-fi does work and we can access the internet using the browser but it doesn’t allow us to install anything from it.


LineageOS 15 for the Redmi Note is highly unstable and is by no means the ROM you’re going to use on your device regularly. Not as of now. However, if you want to get taste of Android Oreo or just install it for bragging rights, then go ahead with it!