How to Format MI Phone in 2020 (New, Easy & Best)

MI phones have always been the cheapest in the market and are very easy to format MI phones, providing an exponential reach to people buying low budget phones with high specifications. But after some period of time due to the bloated software and applications, phones become slow so in order to maximize the usage a user needs to format the MI phone. We have created a guided and step by step procedure to help the user format the MI phone. It is easy and simple to do and you won’t feel the need to go to a mobile repairing shop to do that. Don’t worry we are here to help you.


There are two procedures to format MI phone

Keep in mind, these procedures work on any MI phones.

Just follow these simple steps and you can achieve your Goal.

1. Soft Reset (available in the phone settings)

2. Hard Reset (Formatting through Recovery Mode)

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Procedure 1 : Steps to format MI Phone (Soft Reset)

1. Open your app drawer and launch settings

2. Go to About Phone

2. Make sure you have a backup available for your important files, if not then perform “Backup and Reset”

3. After backup of the data is successfully stored, find the option “Factory Reset”

4. Now tap on “Reset Phone” to erase all the data

5. Have a coffee or tea while this actions are performed because it may take a while

Cheers! You have successfully completed the task to format MI Phone

Procedure 2 : Steps to Format MI Phone (Hard reset)

1. Make sure your battery is above 50%

2. Switch off your phone

3. Press volume up + Power button together

4. Release all the buttons after you see recovery mode on the screen

5. Use volume buttons to navigate through the options and use power button to select or confirm the option.

6. Select Wipe all data and confirm the option by selecting yes

7. Wait until the process is finished, the phone will start like a brand new phone

Give yourself some appreciation for achieving your goal.

We recommend using the procedure 1 method and if you are unhappy with the results then perform hard reset option.


So using these procedure you have learned to format MI phone. If you are stuck anywhere then do let us know in the comment section below and we will try to help you as soon as possible. For the latest updates do follow us on Instagram and Facebook.