How To Find Out The Password Of Wifi Network That You Are Connected To

We know how easy it has been to learn something new over the internet by just typing how to concatenated with your problem in Google Search Engine. So we are back with our How To series to help you every time about almost everything. Imagine a situation where Long time ago you connected your Android Phone with WiFi password and now you are not able to reconnect the password from your memory. or  you have Forgot the password? and you are wondering what to do? Well we have a solution of it.


We like to stay connected and be in sync with all updates. Whether it’s social media, news or stock market. Be it live cricket score or upgrading the software. Not all things can be done on mobile data and most of the times we ourselves forget the network passkey as it’s not that relevant. But what if you need it? what if you want to connect another device. So here we are with a simple solution for How To Find Out The Password Of WiFi Network That You Are Connected To.

How To Find Out The Password Of WiFi Network

The fix is to simply install an app and it will see to the rest of it. Follow these steps and you’ll be good to go. Well. You can thank us later too.

1) Go to Google Play Store and download the ES Explorer.

2) Open up ES File Explorer, you need to enable the root explorer feature in the app. To do so, tap on the list icon on the top left corner, scroll down to “Root Explorer” under the dropdown “Tools” and enable it. You should now get a root permission request via Superuser or SuperSU. Once you grant the request, you can use the app to access root folders.

3) From your phone’s root folder, navigate to data > misc > WiFi.

4) Look for a file with the name wpa_supplicant.conf or wep_supplicant.conf. Since most networks use WPA encryption, you’ll probably find the password you’re looking for in the wpa_supplicant file.


5) Selecting the file should open it up in the file explorer’s own text editor. Now, you can simply scroll down the text file to search for the network you’re looking for (next to “ssid”) and find its password next to the term “psk”.

Hope this solution have solved your problem. Any doubts or views, please comment us below. Do follow up for more stuff on ‘How To’ only at #AboveAndroid.