How To Factory Reset Samsung Galaxy Tablet?

The procedure to factory reset Samsung Galaxy Tablet is quite easy. It does not involve much time and technical knowledge. But the only point that is to be taken into consideration is that be sure why you want to perform a factory reset of your device.


The important point that must be known is that once you will perform a factory reset it will delete all your data including contacts, e-mail accounts, system and app data, various phone settings, images, songs, videos, downloaded apps and many more things. So before doing any such thing make sure you are aware of the facts of doing factory reset. It is always advised that you must take the back up of your important data.

Factory Reset Samsung Galaxy Tablet (Method 1):

Follow this method when your device is on or you want to factory reset using Software Menus.

  1. Tap on Menu Tab on your screen.
  2. Go to phone settings by clicking on Settings.
  3. Go to Privacy.
  4. Tap on Factory Data Reset
  5. Tap on Reset Device.
    Note: You will be asked to enter your Samsung password and if you have forgotten it, you can reset it here.
  6. Tap on Erase Everything.

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Factory Reset Samsung Galaxy Tablet (Method 2):

Follow this method when you are unable to unlock your smartphone or the device is off.

  1. When the device off, press the “Volume Up” button, “Power” button and “Home” button simultaneously.

2. Release the buttons when you see a recovering screen appearing with Samsung Logo.

3. Use the volume button to navigate up and down through the menu. Select “Wipe Data / Factory Reset“. Press the Home

button to select the option from the menu.

4. Press the Volume Up button on the next screen to continue.

5. Select the Reboot System Now option from the menu.

So these are the two methods to Factory Reset Samsung Galaxy Tablet. But always think twice before performing factory reset.