How to Enable Male Voice in Google Assistant?

Artificial intelligence is one of the greatest innovations available in smartphones as well as several other technological devices. Google Assistant is the official artificial intelligence of Android smartphones, which uses a female voice for interacting with users. Although it is possible to change the artificial intelligence voice from female to male by a few steps. In this article, we will discuss proper procedures to enable a male voice in Google Assistant for Android devices. 


Guidelines to Enable Male Voice in Google Assistant

If you are using Android devices, then you are probably using artificial intelligence called Google assistant. Most of the users want to change the voice of Google Assistant according to their preference, which was previously possible in most of the other artificial intelligence. By default, Google’s assistant is having a female voice that will respond to your command in your Android devices. As Google Assistant is not only available in Android devices, it is also available in Google Home setup. 

So, it is much needed to have more customization features in terms of voice in google assistant. The possibility of voice change was first noticed by Android Central, and they have pointed out the feature with the procedure to change the voice in google’s assistant. In order to change the voice in google assistant, you need to press and hold the home button to launch the Google Assistant on your phone. Most of the devices can also enable the Google Assistant just by saying the phrase “Hey Google” or “Ok Google”

Even most of the latest Android devices are also having a dedicated Google Assistant button which can be used for launching the Google assistant. After the Google Assistant opens up in your device you need to tap on the blue icon on the top right corner of the page. From there you need to go to the settings menu and redirect to the preferences from there. From the preferences page, go to the assistant voice in order to access the voice settings of the Google assistant. 

If you are using Google Home setup, then you need to go to the app and select the more settings option by going into the hamburger menu available in the top left corner. From the settings in need to go to the preferences and similarly you need to go inside the assistant voice page. Now you will get to see voice options on that assistant voice page, “Voice 1” will be selected by default which is the female voice option in Google assistant. 

Now you need to change the assistant voice to “Voice 2” which is basically the male voice in Google Assistant voice settings. Now you can use the Google Assistant in a similar way that you use in your devices, but you will get to hear the male voice instead of female ones. In case you are not satisfied with the changes you have made in the Google Assistant, then you can always change the voice by using a similar procedure in your device. 

You also need to note that, this feature is not yet available anywhere outside the United States region, so you need to wait for this feature until the global rollout in all Android devices.



Artificial intelligence has made our life easier by performing various tasks just by commanding them. Google assistant is one of such artificial intelligence which is available on Android devices. We have collected complete information about changing the female voice to male voice in Google Assistant from different sources and posted them in this article for you.

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