How To Access Google’s New Instant Apps Feature

Google has officially launched its support for Android instant apps. These are Lightweight apps which are opened instantly when a user opens specific search results. The user should find and enable this feature in the settings menu and only then this will start working.The instant apps are very specifically targeted towards regions with very slow internet.This is actually a very good feature where the user does not really need to access google play store each and every time for accessing the app content.


Google announced its Android instant apps back at Google I/O 2016 and back then it was just in the testing stage and only available to very few people who use the beta apps. Google Officially launched Android instant apps only a few months back at I/O in June. Android instant Apps is now used by only a few companies like Vimeo, NYTimes Crosswords, and Jet.

Benefits of Android Instant Apps:

  • No need For app Installation.
  • Loads Instantly within a Fraction of a second.
  • Saves a lot of Internal memory on Device.
  • Prevents App Developers from forcing to install an app to use their Service.
  • Saves Battery & Increases Performance of Device.

How To enable Android Instant apps

In order to enable android instant apps on your Android Smartphone, You first need to turn on the option in your settings menu. Find and tap on the ‘Google’ Option, Head over to Find Instant apps and then tap on it. Toggle yes and this will now activate the Android Instant apps on your phone. That’s it.

How does it work?

This is basically when you open a link across the web, Android will check if there is any Instant app available for it and it would very neatly open on the Android instant app instead of just the boring web version of it.These are gonna be very useful for Countries like India with a large population who has Budget Smartphones and have much slow internet.