How To Enable Double Tap to Wake and Sleep on Cyanogen

Cyanogen is one of the most famous ROM for Android! It’s been so popular that companies like Oneplus and Yu gives Cyanogen as the stock launcher for their smartphone. Cyanogen 12 which is based on Android Lollipop and provides many more features along with stock features of Android 5. One interesting feature of Cyanogen 12 is that it supports” Double tap to wake and slee”. But this features is not already enabled, you have to tweak your system setting for it.


Steps to enable Double tap to sleep and wake:

Step 1: Go to settings
Step 2: Go to Display and Light
Step 3: Scroll down to double tap to wake screen and turn it on.

Once it is enabled you can turn your screen on by tapping screen twice.

Step 4: Right below double tap to wake you’ll find a option of double tap to sleep. Enable it to lock your screen by tapping on the status bar.

Once these options are enabled you are done with procedure to  Enable Double Tap to Wake and Sleep and also you can lock and unlock your smartphone without using the power button. However to lock the screen you have to tap the status bar only, if you tap on screen then it won’t get locked. But to unlock you can tap anywhere!

If you have magnification gestures enabled then double tap to sleep feature won’t work.
To turn of magnification gesture go to
Settings > Accessibility > Magnification gestures


This was all about how to enable double tap to wake and sleep feature on Cyanogen mod. Stay tuned with us to know more tricks and tips of your smartphone.