Easiest way to Increase Battery life using Greenify

Android due to it’s limitless customization lacks in one important thing which is battery, and undoubtedly there are very few smartphone with battery so strong to last a day or two. And if you analysis the smartphone market today, there are many smartphones with amazing specifications but at the cost of battery. However there’s a very interesting app which can help you save your battery life. Unlike other hundreds of applications available for saving battery, GREENIFY is the most effective and easiest app to save battery.



Greenify is an application which when activated hibernates all the apps which you select to hibernate. So when there are less applications running on background it becomes easy for your smartphone to last long. You have to be careful while selecting the applications you hibernate, because if you hibernate a application like Whatsapp or Facebook then you won’t receive any notifications of the same.

How to set up Greenify: (with root access)

  • If you have root access all you need to do is download the greenify application from Google Play Store and install it on your device.
  • After installing, select the application you need to hibernate (make sure you don’t hibernate applications which you use frequently like Whatsapp, Facebook etc.)
  • Once you have selected the application all you need to do is add a widget on home screen to make it work on your single tap.

How to set up Greenify (Without root)

  • Download and install the application on your smartphone.
  • Select the applications you want to Hibernate

  • Now, as you don’t have root access you will need to enable accessibility setting which will allow greenify to hibernate apps automatically.

  • Settings>Accessibility>Greenify
  • Once you have enabled the accessibly settings you can add widget on home screen and start saving your battery
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I have been using greenify for quite a long time and believe me it is very effective to save battery. Let us know which other application you use to save battery and what are your reviews for Greenify